Owner In Stitches Over Baby Husky’s 'Serious' Conversation

Huskies are a vivacious breed of dog, to say the least. They were bred as sled dogs. They're used to doing lots of work, and they traditionally live in packs. That means they're a lot more vocal than some other breeds. They're hard-wired to communicate with plenty of other dogs. They are notable for their howling, which can sound almost like that of a wolf's.

A Siberian husky pup from San Diego named Ramsey had his humans laughing uncontrollably when he tried to make conversation with his husky voice, as seen in a video posted by his owner, Kayla Gay, in 2014.

The modern husky may not use all of their running and pulling skills. They may not live in a pack with other dogs. But they're still very, very vocal, and that's one of the most hilarious things about them to their humans.

One great video shows a young woman holding a young husky puppy, a male named Ramsey. The husky is gabbling almost as a human baby would. The pup is testing out his vocal cords and responding to stimuli in the area. Every so often, someone off-camera makes a howling noise.


A Husky Puppy Gains Internet Fame

The puppy responds with yet more gabbling. Clearly, the owner hadn't expected this. She keeps laughing and saying things like, "What was that!?" as Ramsey continues to vocalize. It's clear they're having fun, but it's also clear that they didn't quite understand how silly and loud huskies can be.

People were so happy to see this charming, heartwarming video. The internet loves dogs, and huskies are super cute and super funny. This was always going to find an audience.

A Confident, Happy Dog

From the video, it's clear that Ramsey has found himself a great little family. These are people who love him a lot. Not only do they hold him and talk to him, but they also find it cute when he does silly things. Not everyone is the right human for a husky puppy.

They require tons of attention, and they have seemingly endless energy. It can be a challenge to raise them. However, it's also one of the most rewarding breeds to live with. Huskies are loyal. They love their humans. They're very intelligent and they are always communicating. A husky will always let their people know if something odd or interesting is going on.

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