Owner Heads To Pick Up Dog From Groomer, Can’t Stop Laughing At How She Looks

Mar 06, 2019

When it came time for Sesame’s grooming appointment, his owner did not request the typical poodle cut. Neither did the owner ask for the puppy cut often seen in this breed.

Instead, Sesame the toy poodle was treated to a unique haircut by Japanese groomer, Yoriko Hamachiyo, which truly made him stand out. When the grooming appointment was finished, Sesame strutted out of the shop in the shape of a cloud.

The little dog was completely transformed at the hands of Hamachiyo. The groomer who specializes in working with silver and phantom (black and tan) poodles took this little pup and turned him into something magical.

Sesame’s new appearance is almost flawlessly symmetrical—from above, he looks like a walking ball of cotton. Due to pictures posted on Instagram, the pooch has a new fan base. They are now calling him ‘the Dog Cloud’, ‘Cloud Dog’ and ‘the Fluff’.

People cannot help but compare the poodle to other animals as well—saying Sesame looks like a seal and a little lamb! The dog has even been noted to resemble perfectly trimmed shrubs in the front yard. All of these comparisons are accurate for this happy little pooch after his haircut.


Hamachiyo has not revealed his secrets involved in this particular groom, but there must be an abundance of styling products to make Sesame’s coat appear so flawless.

While a lot of dogs may fear the groomers, between the strange environment, the bathing and blow drying alongside the nail trim, Sesame appears to have enjoyed his pampering appointment if the online photos are any indication.

When it comes time for a groom, sometimes it’s best to let the professionals make all of the decisions. Hamachiyo turned little Sesame into an overnight superstar with his cloud cut and people all over the world love it.

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