Owner Drags Helpless Dog Into Kill Shelter To Leave Him, But She Didn't Know An Angel Was Watching

Anne Flores was on a mission with a friend heading to the Harris County Animal Shelter In Houston, Texas. On getting to the site, she found two women forcing two dogs into the shelter.

Like toddlers, the dogs repelled to the force, and they threw themselves to the ground stubbornly resisting from going back to the shelter. The dogs they knew their fate and didn’t want to go that way.

Anne Flores didn’t seem to agree to the actions of the women dragging the dogs.

They looked heartless ignoring the pleas of the dogs. This saddened Flores. The longer she watched the ordeal, the more she got enraged and knew she had to do something.


The dogs forced all their weight down while the women struggled to lift them. Anne narrated that she could read the dogs’ distraught probably begging for a second chance with the owners.

The owners laughed at how the dogs insisted on not moving into the shelter and to Anne, this showed carelessness from their side. Anne could see the entire unfairness from the whole scene.

To aid other animals going through the same ordeal, Anne Flores took a few photos of the scene and sent them to the administration of the Harris County Animal Volunteers.

The organization responded by posting the photos on social media to create awareness among pet owners. Luckily, the response was positive, and many protested against the mistreatment of pets.

Some came out in readiness to help the dogs captured.

The shelter had limited resources to accommodate the needs of Truman and Mandi, the two dogs caught in the photos.

With both dogs scheduled for euthanasia, within limited time limits, they needed to find caring pet owners immediately.

Fortunately, Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue intervened and took in the dogs temporarily until they would find new homes.

In the end, Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue managed to find foster homes for the two dogs.

Part of the reason that enabled these dogs to find loving pet owners was from the photos that went viral. The rejection faced by the dogs was too unfair to fathom. Thankfully, they are receiving all the love, care and attention in their foster homes as they await permanent homes. Both dogs have undergone treatment to help them regain their health.

Watch their story in the video below:

I hope this piece touches your soul. Truman and Mandy both deserve unending love. You can help them by spreading this piece and help them find new deserving owners.