Owner Decides Dog Should Be Put Down Due To Inability To Have Puppies - Vet's Split-Second Decision Unexpectedly Goes Viral

Sep 21, 2018 by apost team

Dog rescue staff members are often amazed at the resilience of dogs who have lived in traumatic situations for years. Even though they've suffered, many are so grateful to be given the chance to experience the kind of carefree life a dog ought to enjoy. Such was the case with a dog named Tracy who ended up in the care of Dawn Karam at Adopt A Boxer Rescue.

Tracy was a beautiful four-year-old boxer who had spent her short life as the victim of a puppy mill breeding operation. She came to the rescue center listless and thin, suffering from extreme malnourishment.

Dawn was very concerned for Tracy and didn't know if she would survive. She was heartbroken to find out more of the details of Tracy's story.


When she quit conceiving puppies, the owner of the puppy mill where Tracy was enslaved brought her to the vet. This cruel man wasn't concerned about the poor dog's well-being, but about his pocketbook. This fact became crystal clear when he asked the vet to either find a way to help Tracy be able to breed again or else put her to sleep.

He actually told the vet that if Tracy could no longer breed euthanasia was the only procedure he would be willing to pay to have done.

The veterinarian was incensed by the man's unabashed greed. He informed the owner that under no circumstances would poor Tracy be fit to carry a litter of puppies in her condition.

That's when this compassionate vet decided to contact Dawn. Adopt A Boxer came to the rescue and chose to cover the cost of life-saving care for Tracy.

She received treatment for pancreatitis, which the vet initially suspected she had, but her condition didn't get any better.

At an emergency clinic, the cause of her illness couldn't be determined by further testing. Dawn felt very doubtful that poor Tracy would make it much longer.

At Ryan Veterinary Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania, it was finally discovered that the root cause of Tracy's symptoms was starvation! Her whole body had been negatively impacted by lack of basic nutrients.

In the puppy mill, Tracy had been stuck in a small cage. She was at least 20 pounds underweight!

After being put on intravenous feeding tubes for several days Tracy finally started showing signs of improvement. She then advanced to eating small meals.

Soon, she was able to leave the veterinary clinic and go to a foster home.

It was at this foster care facility that Tracy really turned the corner toward recovery.

Her weight climbed into a healthy range. She learned socialization through interaction with other foster dogs.

Adopt A Boxer was a true lifeline for Tracy. Her dark days as a breeding machine at the puppy mill are far behind her. She is now waiting to be adopted by a loving family who can provide her with the care and affection she needs and deserves to continue to heal and thrive.