Owner Acts Quickly To Save His Pit Bull From Being Taken

Most of us would do everything that we could to make sure our pets are safe and happy. After we bring them home, we do what we can to protect them from harm. We provide them with the best food that we can and a safe, warm place to sleep. We take them out for exercise and play with them for hours on end. In return, our animals love and protect us. This is especially true for dogs. Dogs instinctually protect their owners from harm. However, we can also be just as protective of our dogs as they are with us. We never want any harm to come to them, and we will do what we can to make sure they are safe and sound.

For most pet owners, it is easy to keep their pets safe. After all, who would want to harm an animal? Unfortunately, there are people out there who could do just that. Imagine this scenario-someone is trying to steal your dog right from your own yard. Would you do what you could to keep that from happening? One man in Port Elizabeth was faced with this very scenario one day. Luckily, his quick thinking and love of his pet stopped the thieves in their tracks.


The video you are about to see proves that you should always keep a close eye on your dogs even when they are surrounded by a high fence. The would-be thief in this video actually climbs up the fence and attempts to pull a pit bull over to him. The dog, who was happy to see the man at first, begins to struggle as the man tries to pull him over by the collar.

Luckily, the owner was around to stop the thief from continuing. He pushes the thief away from the fence and has harsh words with him. The dog drops back down into the yard unharmed.

The owner told News 24 that the man in the video had tried to steal his dog once before. He told police that the dog was his but ran when asked for proof of ownership.

You can watch the video for yourself below:

What did you think of this video? Many animals, especially pitbulls, are targeted by thieves. Make sure your dogs are properly registered and microchipped as soon as you get them. Leave us your opinion below, and then pass this on to others to raise awareness.