Owl And Kitten Pair Charm Coffee Shop Customers With Constant Cuddling And Playing

Aug 01, 2020 by apost team

There is an amazing fact about the renowned Japanese coffee shop Hukulou. It comes with an owl logo that might not be considered interesting to many. However, the fun fact is that there is a real owl inside. And the owl is best friends with a cat inside the cafe. How amazing is that?

What would you do if you found a real owl playing with a cat inside a coffee shop? Cats and dogs coexisting is something that happens everywhere, but an owl and a cat? It rarely happens, in fact, it does not happen at all. This has been a mystery to many since the phenomenon at the popular café went viral. The world is always full of surprises and unfamiliar happenings. This might be the only logical explanation for the cat and owl’s relationship.

Another interesting fact is that the Hukulou coffee shop does not house just one owl. It has hosted several owls. One of the popular owls is Fuku, reports The Huffington Post. Fuku is as small as a grapefruit. As if that wasn't shocking enough, the cafe has also housed different types of animals such as hedgehogs and ferrets.


This will be an amazing thing to see, don't you think? Many people must have gone to this cafe, not only for coffee but to see this unique place that has become a home for these animals. The owner is a compassionate person who does not believe in disturbing the animals that enjoy being around his cafe. Eventually, the cat, Marimo, joined the list of animals that made the cafe their home. The cafe owner Ritsuko Nagaraha was quick to spot the unlikely bond that was forming between Marimo and Fuku.

The cafe owner did not interfere with the relationship. The relationship between the owl and the cat quickly grew, they became inseparable. They spend their day cuddling, playing, and entertaining the patrons who are amazed by this strange relationship. The customers enjoy the show and take many photos that find their way onto social media.

The cafe is often tagged on these social media posts. This is a big reason why the animals have a large following. The relationship has found a massive online following from all over the world. Images of the two animals first appeared on the shop’s social media page. Since then, the growth has been immense. Many people make plans to visit the Japanese coffee shop to see this peculiar relationship every day. Watching the two animals play together must be very interesting.

If you ever find yourself in Japan, you have every reason to visit the Hukulou coffee shop to see this strange relationship for yourself. The idea of this phenomenon makes the journey to Japan even more worthwhile. It is not every day that you walk into a coffee shop to see an owl and a cat playing. It is not every day that you find a coffee shop being a tourist attraction and this has made Hukulou special.

Did you ever think you'd see a cat and an owl becoming best friends? Let your own friends know about this fun and cute story of friendship defying the odds.