Orphaned Raccoon Adopted By Rescue Dogs Currently Thinks She’s Also A Dog

Sep 22, 2020 by apost team

Raccoons, not surprisingly, are seen by many as wild animals. Whether they live in the forest or in a city area, raccoons survive without any human help. And a wild raccoon could be a dangerous animal, so humans should not approach them.

Incredibly, stories do exist of raccoons becoming friendly with humans and other animals. Although rare, such instances do happen. Look at the tale of Pumpkin the raccoon who was rescued in 2014. This wild creature from the Bahamas, who gained popularity on Instagram thanks to owner Laura Young, considered herself part of a family of dogs. Unfortunately, Pumpkin passed away in 2019.

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The story takes us to the Bahamas, a place that is home to many raccoons. Pumpkin was little more than a baby when she fell out of a tree on someone's property, reports Bored Panda. The poor baby raccoon suffered an injury upon falling, and the property owners hoped her mother would come to rescue the young one. She did not lend any assistance, and it seemed Pumpkin was left to die.

Worried about the raccoon's fate, Laura Young took Pumpkin home with her in 2014, as the BBC reports.


Again, it is extremely rare that raccoons can become domesticated. In the Bahamas, laws do not prevent people from taking raccoons as pets, according to The Dodo. Once the baby raccoon became part of the family and fell under the care of the homeowners and their dogs, the raccoon slowly gained her health back. The family brought the raccoon to the veterinarian for health checks to keeps tabs on her well-being. The family routinely takes their dogs to the vet, and they also brought their pet raccoon along with them.

One of the most heartwarming and amazing aspects of the story is how the two dogs accepted Pumpkin. Dogs may be friendly creatures, but they could be "standoffish" with new animals entering the home. This was not the case when Pumpkin arrived. The dogs took to the raccoon and showed her great affection.

Photographs of the dogs with the raccoon are positively joyous. The animals play together and share apparent affection. The line between long-time domesticated animals and wild ones seems blurred in the pictures. Who would think a raccoon could get along with two homebound canines? Maybe Pumpkin the raccoon realized she owed her life to the dogs and their owners.

The story may bring a tear to people's eyes. Don't let the story block logic, though. Adopting a raccoon would be a bad idea in the United States. Again, they are wild animals. Some states may allow keeping a raccoon as a pet with a permit. Regardless, it would be best if you were experienced with wild animals to care for a raccoon. And remember, they could carry diseases.

With that said, Pumpkin was truly an exceptional animal. Unfortunately, Young confirmed Pumkin's passing back in October of 2019. She was four years old.

"I know how much you all loved and adored her," Young wrote. "She is going to be one missed raccoon. I love you my darling Pumpkin. We miss you so much."

Rest in peace, Pumpkin. Keep this incredible raccoon's memory alive by passing this story on to friends and family members. And don't forget: Let us know what you think about this amazing interspecies friendship.

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