Orphaned Piglet And Calf Become Inseparable BFFs

Jul 31, 2020 by apost team

A Sisu Refuge Sanctuary team in Albertson, North Carolina was on their normal daily duty when they found an orphan baby pig at the brink of death earlier this year. Struck with pity for the little piglet, they sought to do everything they could to get the little guy back in top shape.

However, the piglet was in a bad condition and they were unsure of his chances of surviving whatever he had been through. His parents were nowhere to be seen, and the little guy was all alone and lost for hope. He had probably been lying there the whole day, and he looked like he was in a pretty bad condition.

Marley, the orphaned piglet, seemed to be in a bad condition. Obviously concerned by his condition, the team tried to feed him for hours, but Marley refused to drink or eat anything they brought him, according to The Dodo's video on Marley.

After numerous attempts to get his appetite back up, a woman from the team named Erica was eventually able to get him to suckle a sports drink from a bottle. Hopefully, it would give Marley the boost he would need to get through his poor condition. However, there is not much more that the team could provide Marley at their base. They also lacked the necessary treatments that could save Marley’s life.


Being specialists in the field, the team knew they did not have everything that they would need to give Marley, the abandoned piglet, the utmost care. Instead, they sought out and found another sanctuary that would provide Marley with the care he deserved.

The man who would take care of Marley at his sanctuary, had also recently rescued a young calf named Eli in his truck at the same time. Not sure what the calf’s reaction would be, the man cautiously put Marley beside Eli and watched them for a second or two before locking the truck ready for the rest of his journey.

While they seemed like the unlikeliest of friends, the two babies did not take long to create a strong bond between each other. Immediately they met, and they did not need any introductions; they cuddled each other up as if to beat the fear of the road trip ahead of them.

The two babies were immediately bound to share a unique bond with each other having being rescued on the same day and carried to the sanctuary on the same ride. In their own mysterious way of communicating, they probably had conversations on the trip to calm each other down. They were, however, in capable and very safe hands, and would be arriving at the safe space of their dreams in no time. For now, they only had each other to clutch on to.

The sanctuary was going to offer the two orphans the best opportunity to play with each other and run around. The man swiftly gets Marley and his new friend to his sanctuary, but its Marley he must turn his attention to immediately. After a few days of treatment, Marley was fit enough to take a walk around the sanctuary, although it was evidently painful for him.

However, in no time he was running around Eli teasing him to play along with him. It was as if he was overjoyed to see him again after they had to be separated earlier. Eli seems to enjoy Marley’s presence a lot, constantly bending down to confirm he is still around. Now that Marley and Eli are safe and free, they have their whole lives to grow their friendship and take leaps across the lush fields and play with each other.

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