Orphaned Foal Plays In Rain For First Time Ever

This three-week-old midnight black foal, whose name is Spoons, was abandoned at a young age. Luckily, she found a loving home before it was too late. Now watch as she experiences the rain for the first time at her new home.

It's a wet, muddy day at the farm. The grass in the lush, green pasture is soaked, but Spoons doesn't seem to mind. In fact, she appears to be having the time of her life. As her owners look on, the three-week-old foal jumps to and fro in the mud.

Spoons doesn't quite seem to know how to react to her new environment. She's all over the place: bucking her head, rearing up on her hind legs, prancing, and kicking up her heels. Her owner narrates:

"She zigs and then she zags. She's all over the place. She says 'I'm digging and then I'm zagging.’"

After all this, Spoons pauses for a while as if to consider her next move before erupting once more into spasms of movement.


Spoons has a 'brother' and an 'aunt'—older horses with the same owners—who are standing off to the side as the action unfolds, grazing as if nothing was going on. In contrast to the foal, the other horses seem relatively unaffected by the rain. They've likely experienced it enough times for downpours to have lost their novelty and become nothing but a slight inconvenience.

At one point, Spoons nearly kicks over her plastic milk jug, which is in a precarious position on the ground in the middle of the field. Her owner asks whether she’s had enough of the rain and wants to go back inside, but Spoons goes right back to jumping about.

Spoons' owner is very attuned to her. Partway through the video, she notes that the foal is moaning. What that sound means, however, is anyone's guess. Spoons’ owner also notices that the foal’s coat has become curlier than usual due to the rain, holding up a lock of hair to demonstrate this to the viewer.

Towards the end of the video, Spoons miscalculates her jump and slides backward as she lands. Thankfully, she manages to keep her balance, but it's a very dramatic finish. Her owner laughs at her antics and calls this "a very unsuccessful rearing up."

All in all, this video gives viewers the chance to live vicariously through a very young foal's first foray into the rain and, perhaps, to view the world with fresh eyes just like she does.

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