Orphaned Baby Opossum Adopted By Loving Dog

Dec 05, 2019

After a baby opossum was left orphaned a dog came to its rescue. Now the two can't go anywhere without each other. Their incredible relationship demonstrates that unusual loving bonds animals form with one another. 

Meet Poncho And Hantu

According to the Rare Species Fund, a mother opossum was struck and killed by a car, leaving her defenseless infant alone and clinging to her lifeless body. Some kind rescuers found the baby and brought it to a veterinarian’s office.

While it wasn’t injured, it was too young to survive without help. The odds were completely against this little one. Yet, fate had other plans and decided to bring in a savior.


Along came Hantu, a beautiful white German shepherd. Hantu and Poncho developed an immediate bond. She took baby Poncho under her wing as only a true mother would, allowing Poncho to ride atop her head and cling to the side of her furry coat.

The two live together at the Rare Species Fund where they are taken care of with food and shelter. But it was Hantu’s motherly love that nursed the marsupial’s spirit into adulthood.

Ironically enough, Hantu was a complete novice at being a mom since she had never had puppies of her own. She must have done a great job, though.

Hantu And Poncho: A Lifelong Bond

Whatever you want to label the relationship between Hantu and Poncho—mother, friends, or siblings—there’s no doubt it’s an unbreakable bond. Two years have passed since Poncho came to live with Hantu.

Poncho is still clinging to her canine companion’s fur as they frequently travel the wooded area surrounding their home. In fact, the two are all but inseparable, which as you can see in this YouTube video is quite hysterical given Poncho is now full grown.

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