Orangutan Rolls In Laughter After Man Shows Him Magic Trick

May 07, 2020 by apost team

Some people go to the zoo to look at the animals – but this guy goes to entertain them. In a popular video from 2015, Dan Zaleski from Meriden, Connecticut, shows an orangutan a simple magic trick at a zoo in Barecelona, Spain – and the primate's reaction is priceless.

The video opens with a man showing the orangutan an empty cup and lowering a seed pod into it. The great ape watches intently. After shaking the cup and discreetly getting rid of the pod, he shows the orangutan the now empty cup.


The monkey's jaw drops and he rolls with laughter. The man and the woman filming the interaction have a giggle at the ape's adorable reaction and you will as well!

According to World Wild Life, the species is native to Indonesia and Malaysia, and Orangutans are the only of the Great Apes that hail solely from Asia. Unfortunately, these monkey magic fans are nearly extinct, with experts estimating that only about 115,000 remain in the wild.

Known for their intelligence, patience and outright cuteness, Orangutans are also apparently fans of magic. Watching the adorable ape roll with laughter after the man reveals the now empty cup is sure to brighten your day.

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