Orangutan Gives Birth On Camera For First Time Ever Then Shows Baby To Keeper

Sep 15, 2020 by apost team

Orangutans are curious members of the ape family. People often think of them as being stoic and aloof. Maybe that's because they look a little older than other apes, and they weren't portrayed with much flattery in the original "Planet of the Apes" series.

Once people see how orangutans act in the wild and at zoos, perceptions may change. One orangutan found herself to be a new mother, and her reaction shows orangutans have a heart.

Dana's Story

Dana is a special orangutan, one who may become famous in zoological history. In 2013 Dana gave birth in captivity, and the birth ended up recorded on video. The birth represents the first-ever orangutan birth recorded in moving images.

Anyone interested in seeing footage of Dana, the 25-year-old Sumatran orangutan, can view documentary footage available from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Dana's life is an interesting one, as she was once deemed infertile. Animal doctors addressed a problem with her fallopian tubes. Not only did she then conceive and give birth, but she also made history.


Humans and Orangutans Join Together

Handlers did not become involved with the baby's birth. Dana gave birth by herself and then cleaned the newborn infant. Although the birth took place in captivity, the events carried out as if Dana remained in the wild. Something happened afterward that certainly would never occur in the animal kingdom. Dana held the baby in her arms and walked over to the human observers. According to Absolute History, she then proudly displayed her baby for all to see. Maybe Dana considers her human friends part of the family.

The humans gave the baby orangutan a name: Keajaiban, and they call her "Kea" for short. Keajaiban, by the way, means "miracle." The little girl's birth is part of an ongoing miracle. People are hard at work trying to save Sumatran orangutans from extinction. Sadly, there are few of these beautiful creatures in the wild. Organizations like the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust continue to try and preserve their existence.

While many wish these creatures could live a full existence in the wild, that's not always possible. Human encroachment, poaching, environmental issues, and other factors contribute to many animals suffering from extinction.

Caring humanitarian and conservational organizations do their part to help animals in trouble. The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust does a lot for orangutans, and Dana showed her appreciation and affection for their efforts.

Do you know someone who is a big-time animal kingdom fan? Let that person discover the incredible story of Dana and Kea. Maybe the video will prove eye-opening even to someone who thought they knew all there is to know about apes.