Orangutan Gets Emotional When Woman Shows Him Her Pregnant Belly At The Zoo

Dec 21, 2019 by apost team

When expectant mother Morgain Cole Abbott and her partner, Liam, took their 1-year-old son to Colchester Zoo in Essex, England, they received a delightful surprise that will always stay in their memories.

Abbott was pregnant with her second child and had a prominent baby bump. This attracted the interest of Rajang, the resident orangutan. When he spotted them from his enclosure, he strolled right up and gave Abbott's belly a kiss through the glass!

This wasn't the first time for Rajang, according to the Daily Mail. This clever orangutan is known for kissing baby bumps in several viral videos. When he sees a pregnant woman from behind the glass, he zeroes in on her and gives her all of his attention.


It turns out that the half-Bornean, half-Sumatran Rajang is absolutely fascinated by pregnancy. Colchester Zoo reports that Rajang is a real fan of interesting tummies. Not only does he love baby bumps, but he's attracted to belly buttons and scars too! Orangutans are a beloved fixture in our zoos. The World Wildlife Fund notes that these red-furred primates are the largest mammals that live in forests and swing from tree to tree with their distinctive long arms.

They're highly intelligent, but they are also critically endangered. Their population in the wild is dwindling quickly. So it's no wonder that this orangutan was so delighted by the bellies of pregnant women!

What would you do if you attracted the attention of one of these friendly redheaded primates? Better have the camera ready the next time you visit the orangutans at the zoo!