Orangutan Asks To See A 3-Month-Old Baby In Awe-Inspiring Moment Captured At A Zoo

Jun 01, 2023 by apost team

Now and again, animals show how sweet and cute they can be with their actions. There are many instances where animals have shown a cute side through their interactions with each other and humans. Another memorable moment was captured at the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky when an orangutan at the zoo saw an adorable 3-month-old baby boy and asked for him to be brought closer for a closer look. The sweet moment was captured in a video posted on Storyful on May 21, 2023, and showed how the orangutan showed affection toward the infant. 

The Louisville Zoo, Kentucky, is home to four orangutans: Teak, Amber, Segundo, and Bella. The orangutan in the video is Amber, who was born on Oct. 15, 1987, at the Como Park Zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota. Amber arrived at the Louisville Zoo in 1996 alongside Teak. She is known for being playful and loves interacting with the zoo’s visitors. Amber’s friendly nature means she is likely to tap on the protective glass to gain visitors’ attention. She has also pointed at sparkling accessories or colorful fingernails and may gesture toward a purse or backpack, curious to know what they contain. 

Amber, Teak, Segundo and Bella are one of the Louisville Zoo’s main attractions. However, her latest display of curiosity and affection toward an infant resulted in her going viral. It won’t be surprising to see more visitors at the zoo, curious to meet the baby-loving and adorable Amber. Continue reading to relive the moment Amber met and fell in love with a baby boy. 

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On May 21, 2023, Kayla Jaylen Natsis shared a one minute and 11 seconds video on Storyful. The clip showed the sweet moment an orangutan at the Louisville Zoo, Kentucky, named Amber, saw her 3-month-old son, Jordan, being carried by his grandma. Jordan’s grandma carried him toward the orangutan, who was fascinated by the cute baby and tapped on the glass, asking for him to be brought closer to her. 

When Jordan was brought closer, Amber admired him for some seconds and kissed the protective glass three times, showing her affection toward the infant. Amber’s gesture led to an abundant expression of “awws” from those who witnessed the cute moment. Natsis told Storyful:

“Everyone there, including us, thought it was the cutest thing ever!” 

Natsis’s video has since gone viral and made headlines in tabloids worldwide. This has sparked an interest in Amber, with reports since revealing that this was not the first time she had shown affection toward infants. Earlier in May, TikToker Shalena Hittle shared a video on the social media platform showing the curious Amber pointing at her newborn baby, who was wrapped in a blue blanket. Noticing Amber’s gesture, Hittle’s husband brought their baby close to the protective glass, after which Amber moved closer to get a better view of the infant. She also pointed at the baby’s head and feet and calmly watched him through the glass. In the post’s caption, Hittle wrote

“The orangutan asked to see our 2-week-old.”

While Amber’s actions are aww-worthy, they are not surprising as orangutans are known to display such affection. According to the Louisville Zoo’s website, orangutans have strong bonds with their offspring. Also, baby orangutans stay with their moms for up to ten years, making them have the longest childhood among apes. 


Did you aww after watching Amber’s cute interaction with baby Jordan? What do you think of the sweet, infant-loving orangutan? Will you be paying her a visit soon? Let us know — and be sure to pass this article on to friends, family members, and animal lovers!

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