Open Post: Hosted By A Vintage Clip Of Patti LaBelle And Dolly Parton Making Music With Their Acrylic Nails

Oct 02, 2020 by apost team

Back in the day, in the 70s to be specific, Dolly Parton had her own show called Dolly. She would host various guests ranging from musicians to actors. Iconic guests. In one interview that happened somewhere between 1987 and 1988, guest Patti LaBelle made music with Dolly on her show just using their nails. 

But there are lots of videos, sections of them that never came to light. For those in the production industry, you would understand that. Editing of videos may lead to removing some parts of video or audio clips completely, making them not see the light of the day.

Dolly's performances were no different as apparently, there are funny and cool ones coming our way. This is courtesy of Time Warmer company. But today, the focus is on a never seen before video of her making music with the talented Patti LaBelle.

Be sure to reach the end of this article to see the full video :-) 

Legends working together! Not so long ago, a video clip of the legendary miss Dolly Parton and the queen Patti LaBelle began circulating online. The clip originated from Time Warner. Adorned in the full glory of the 80s fashion, the two shared a moment of them making beautiful music with no prior plans, singing about shortbread rubbing their acrylic nails together.

Trust me, without any fear of contradiction, the video is pure gold: artificial nails, amazing voices, cheering audience, and big-haired ladies who happen to be Patti LaBelle and Dolly Parton. Before DIY transformed to cool, this was the real DIY.

There are cool and hilarious things that were going on in the 70s on TV. Time Warner has taken the initiative to bring them to your attention. According to Vulture, the company has compiled a 19-disk collection that amounts to 35 hours centered around Dolly Parton's television life.

To be sincere, capturing Dolly Parton's brilliance on a 1999 video remade into a DVD is not satisfying, but it's better than not having it at all. In the film, there are different performances of Dolly Parton on various platforms such as The Jonny Carson Show, The Porter Wagoner Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show. Surprisingly, there are some that have been lying somewhere for the last 30 years or more and never shown to the public before.

As you all are aware, Dolly Parton had her own show back in the day called Dolly. This is where the piece de resistance bold video of her and Patti LaBelle was manufactured onset in 1987. That's where they met in person for the first time.

Coincidentally, they had on the same dress, same big hair and without any prior plans made wonderful rhythm using their acrylic nails, bringing out a music performance and sound that is a thousand times worthy compared to what you have on your playlist at the moment. It's amazing. Its culture traversing. You need to see it.

Dolly Parton and Patti LaBelle had never met before, but when they did, back in 1987 at Dolly's show, they created magic. It was something unforgettable. With so many things in common from great hair to enchanting voices and talent so pure.

Sitting closely together, they looked each other in the eye, started rubbing their fake nails together, and made a rhythm so beautiful despite having no prior plans about it.

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