Only 1 Out Of 20 People Can Answer All The Riddles In This Series Are You A Riddle Master? 1/10

Did you know that brainteasers work well as stress relievers? They exercise your brain and make you forget your worries. Some people are amazing and always figure out riddles no matter how difficult they are and some people always struggle with them, but you know what they say - practice makes perfect! So we have put together a fun, stress relieving, series of brainteaser riddles for you! Get all 10 in the series right and you are a RIDDLE MASTER! 

Did you figure it out? Did you find it difficult? If you are still confused, don't worry, we have the answer for you. 


Do you give up? 


Ok, the answer is:

S, O, N. The sequence is the first letter of the months of the year so therefore September, October, and November are the next three in the sequence. 


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