One Among These Cats Is Guilty Of Making Huge Mess

Aug 05, 2020 by apost team

The beauty of having pets is seeing all the funny little things that animals get up to that we humans don't. Whether it's sleeping around all day, chasing other animals like birds or mice, or even making a mess in the most ridiculous way.

For one cat owner, they witnessed the latter, as they arrived to find a roll of toilet paper completely strewn across the house—but which of their two gorgeous felines was the culprit? We know we wouldn't stay angry for long when looking at these cute kitties.

The video starts with one of the cats, a gorgeous ginger cat with fluffy fur, standing beside some toilet paper. The paper clearly extends much further, but even standing there looking at the camera, the cat already has a guilty look on its face. 

What makes the whole thing funnier is the musical soundtrack, which sounds like it's from an old detective movie. The search begins to find where the toilet paper leads and who the culprit is!

As the owner turns the corner to continue following the toilet paper trail, the camera reveals where it is coming from—the toilet, to no one's surprise—as another cute kitty jumps off the toilet seat and out of view. Perhaps this one is the guilty cat? The owner and their roving camera continue to find out.

As they arrive at the bathroom, they turn the camera on the second cat, who is white with two adorable dark spots and a dark tail, who stares back as if to say, "You caught me red-handed." The owner then turns back to the toilet paper holder and touches the empty roll to emphasize, with comedic effect, that there is none left on the roll, and to highlight exactly what the cat or two cats have done. Mystery solved!

What did you think of this hilarious video that plays out like a mystery thriller? Do you think the creator of the video did a good job? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, then be sure to pass this feelgood video on to those you think could use a laugh!