One Day, You’ll Fall In Love With Someone And It Will Be The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To Them

You will be the best thing that happens to another person at some point. That person will be able to love again and will understand that there are people who genuinely care because of your actions. The person you're with will be able to look at life and smile.

When you meet this person, you're going to be the reason for getting out of bed and pursuing the activities of the day. You're going to be a light that makes the dark edges in that person's life go away.

You will be the one who is chosen to love the other, making the person see things in a way that they might not have thought about.

There is someone who is waiting for a person like you. There isn't a clear date, and there might not even be a clear vision as to how you will meet this person. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you're going to be the positive change that this person needs.

You're going to be the influence that is needed to seek out life once again.

To this person, you're going to seem like a dream because it will be too good to be true at first. After talking to the person, you'll be able to show that you are real and that you're who has been designed for that person's life. Things might not be perfect, but they will be perfect for both of you.

The person you meet will shine a light on you and put you above others. This person will be proud to have you by their side instead of walking in front of you.

To this person, you are the entire world and quite possibly the universe. After meeting you, this person will do anything at all to keep you and to prevent you from leaving because of knowing how beneficial you are and how much of a positive impact you have.

When this person thinks about you leaving, it will be a feeling that is heartbreaking. You will be the change that someone needs in life whether that is today, next month, or next year.

It could take some time for you to be happy with yourself and to understand your worth, but once you do, then you will meet the person who you're supposed to walk through life with.

Enjoy the time alone, but be prepared to meet the person who has been praying for you! Don't forget to pass on this beautiful article to your friends and spread some good vibes.