Oldest Park Ranger In America Betty Reid Soskin Celebrated Her 99th Birthday — A Look At Her Remarkable Journey

Oct 18, 2020 by apost team

Betty Reid Soskin turned 99 on September 22nd, making her the oldest National
Park Ranger in the United States.

The average life expectancy in the United States is 72 years old, and those who have made it further than that have often had a very fulfilling life. Making it past the average life expectancy is an achievement itself, however, because with age, comes wisdom.

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Betty Reid Soskin became a park ranger during her early 80s and, although it has been nearly two decades since then, she is still enjoying every moment of it.

Betty turned 99 years old in September of this year and has no desire to retire. She works for the World War II Home Front National Historical Park in California and has been there for 15 years. Betty claims that she has been working since the age of 85 and that her work mostly consists of giving shows for people with common interests.


When Betty first began working at the park, there were only a few staff members. Now, there are 40 employees and because she has been there for so long, she holds a position of authority over the other employees.

World War II Home Front National Historical Park is segmented into different areas within Richmond, California, and often requires a bus ride to visit the entire park. On a typical day, Betty hops onto a bus and begins informing her group about the different sites within the park, such as the staging area where Japanese prisoners were collected, the four Kaiser shipyards, and the Atchison Village.

As Mercury News reported, Betty's tour was one of the most popular tours in the park, and tourists had to wait several months before they can reserve a spot in her group. She eventually stopped doing tours; however, she continued to tell her story. She claims that people are surprised when she tells them about her tours or talks because they are unaware of the historical facts that she gives.

Betty was born in Detroit in the year of 1921, nearly a century ago. In her life, she has done plenty of things including, dating Jackie Robinson, blogging, songwriting, co-founding Reid's Records, and writing a memoir.

Although she has done so much, she still finds it difficult to believe that she is popular within the park. While she has a vast knowledge of the historical aspects of the park, she does not believe that her success is solely due to that.

When Betty was asked about her most proud achievement, she claimed that meeting the Obamas was the most memorable event of her life. She was invited to partake in the tree lighting ceremony and brought her two granddaughters with her.

In the year 2019, Betty suffered a stroke, and her ability to perform certain tasks was reduced. She claims that she is currently doing well, however, she has had to adjust her life to meet her new health demands.

Despite her ailments, Betty continues to work as a park ranger and is very happy to go to work each day. Kelli English, an employee of the National Park Service, claims that they are glad to have her, but would not want her to jeopardize her health.

When asked the secret to living such a fruitful life, Betty claims that people should always "stay involved." You never know what is going to happen and it is always best to be a part of the world's events.

Are you inspired by Betty like we are? Plan a visit to the park in you're in California and be sure to tell your loved ones!

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