Oklahoma Mother And Daughter Fight Breast Cancer Together For The Second Time

Nov 06, 2019

Mother and daughter duo Milly Lenney and Joyce Walton have conquered breast cancer two times, proving that they are no match for the vicious disease.

Now 104-years-old, Milly received her first breast cancer diagnosis back in the 1960s. Milly battled the monster, defeating it despite the lack of technology and advanced treatments during that period of time.


In 1998, Joyce was diagnosed with breast cancer. With the support of her mother, Joyce was able to beat her cancer as well. Times were good and the pair thought that this was the last that they would see of the horrible disease.


According to KFOR News, the two were both recently diagnosed with breast cancer again after they each had a mammogram. It was a big blow to the mother and daughter who now had to fight cancer once again.

The silver lining is that they would be in the fight together. Joyce and Milly are determined to go at this disease like a team. It makes it easier to share their struggles since they still live together.

The two even chose the same doctor to perform their surgeries. Dr. Teresa Shavney was able to operate on both in the same time frame. Dr. Shavney said to KFOR News that it was important for the two women to be able to lean on each other.

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