Oklahoma Man Takes Matters Into His Own Hands After Police Fail To Catch Speeding Motorcycle Rider

Dec 19, 2019 by apost team

High speed chases are exciting to watch on television, but they aren’t something that any of us want in our own neighborhoods. But, back in 2015, that’s exactly what one small suburb in Oklahoma experienced when a motorcyclist decided to rush through the area with police in hot pursuit.

The police weren’t able to catch the speeder, but that wasn’t about to stop a redneck who was determined to protect his neighborhood.

Floyd Briggs had seen the motorcyclist rushing through the area and instantly began to worry about the children who played on the usually-peaceful streets. This was when Floyd decided that he would have to put a stop to the crazed speeder himself! Spurred by the decision to stop the guy before he hurt a child, Floyd jumped into the street in what he called an “intense game of chicken”. His choice to jump in front of the oncoming cyclist cause the speeder to immediately stop dead in the road.


The speeder had been going more than 60 miles an hour, making Floyd’s decision all the more risky. Dressed in an old cowboy hat, boots, and jean bibbed-overalls, Floyd looks like the perfect model of a redneck as he explains to some interviewers exactly what had happened. The cyclist, who stopped his bike before he could strike Floyd, hit the pavement and slid across the road. When the cyclist jumped to his feet and tried to escape, Floyd took off after him on foot, unwilling to let him get away before the police could arrive.

Floyd says that he was beginning to wear out, but he didn't give up! The on-foot chase led Floyd and the cyclist right into the path of the police themselves. The motorcyclist had been trying to escape the police simply because he was driving without a license or insurance. At this point, we’re sure that he wishes he had simply endured the consequences at the start instead of trying to get away! Meanwhile, Floyd is being heralded the hero of the neighborhood! Sure enough, his quick thinking and brave actions led to the arrest of the criminal and kept his street safe.

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