Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants To Raise Awareness For Virus He Never Heard Of Until His Own Newborn Was Diagnosed

A lawmaker from Oklahoma is using his influence to spread awareness about a potentially deadly respiratory virus.

Little Elvy was only two weeks old when her father, Mickey Dollens, noticed that she was having difficulty breathing. In addition to the breathing difficulties, Elvy had a fever, a runny nose, and was producing copious amounts of mucus.

After visiting a clinic for treatment, Elvy was quickly rushed in an ambulance to a hospital. It was at that moment that the severity of the situation became known to Dollens.


Elvy was transferred to the hospital because her oxygen levels were dangerously low. Dollens was not aware of this at the time, but his little girl was suffering from an illness called respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

RSV is most often diagnosed in people with underdeveloped or weakened immune systems. The most at-risk groups include premature babies, newborns, and the elderly. While it is extremely common, it has the potential to quickly develop into something worse.

Thankfully, Elvy recovered from the RSV thanks to the quick medical attention. Now Dollens is using his position as an Oklahoma state representative to help spread awareness about the signs of RSV and why it is important to treat it immediately.

You can learn more about this virus and how Dollens is helping to build awareness by watching this informative video.

With the cold and flu season right around the corner, it is important that as many as people as possible are aware of the dangers of RSV. After you have watched the clip, be sure to spread the important message to everyone in your social network.

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