‘Oh My God’— Elderly Couple Married For 73 Years Reunite After Year Of Mandatory Separation

Jun 30, 2021 by apost team

True love is ageless, it does not wear thin with passing years and it does not fade. For one couple a year apart due to lockdown felt like a lifetime, but their reunion was magical to witness. Joseph Andrew Bigler, 96, and Margaret Louise Baldwin Bigler, 97, have been married for 73 years. When they were forced to separate due to safety precautions, they did what was necessary even though it was hard. 

Married on May 31, 1948, the couple was separated in 2020 and reunited again in March 2021. The moment the pair saw each other again was recorded by one of the nurses and posted online. The video has gone viral, touching the hearts of millions of people from all over the world. This special couple shows us that love can withstand all circumstances, and trials, life provides. 

Margaret was admitted to long-term Harmar Village Care Center in Cheswick, Pennsylvania, on April 7, 2020, and needed to stay in isolation for her protection. This meant separating from the person she has spent the majority of her life with, her husband Joseph. However, the Biglers get to see one another regularly now that Joseph has been admitted to an attached facility. 

Greeting each other in the hallway, both of the Biglers embraced as best as they could in their wheelchairs. Margaret looked shocked and kept repeating “Oh my God!” and “Thank you, God.” The nurse nearby said that Joseph asked to visit his wife as soon as he arrived at the facility. Read on to learn more about this touching reunion.

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The couple had a chance to speak about the experience with SWNS. “It had been hard not seeing Joe, and very sad,” said Margaret. She added that the day they reunited was one of her happiest days yet. The woman seemed surprised and grateful to see her husband again after so long.

This couple has experienced everything together, and now this separation is another chapter they can put behind them. “Words cannot describe how it was to be able to hug her again after almost a year,” said Joseph. He added that being away from his wife was “hell” and expressed that he was incredibly grateful for the care she received while they were apart. 

Margaret and Joseph weren’t the only ones getting emotional about the reunion. “Staff were very excited to see them together again,” said a facility worker, Holly Bills. “It was a happy day for all.” Everyone in attendance couldn’t help but be moved by the heartwarming display. 

The video was uploaded to the care facility’s Facebook page, where it received 5 million views and over 44,000 likes. The facility captioned the video: “A year later and finally these two love birds got to be reunited. Not a dry eye in sight.” 

Those in attendance aren’t the only people moved to tears. One person commented under the video, “I happened upon this video again. Every time that I watch this video, I ball [sic] just like a little baby.” It is a blessing that this beautiful couple were able to be reunited again and we hope they stay by each other’s side for as long as they can. 


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