Oh, Come On George Clooney Supports Meghan As A Mom And Believes People Should Be "A Little Kinder" Now

Most members of the general public are extremely happy about Meghan and Harry’s new baby Archie. But, you know how people can be. There are some out there who believe that Archie was born two weeks before his birth was officially announced, because Prince Harry stated to the press that “babies change so much over two weeks.”

Some people overthought that remark to mean that Archie was two weeks old at his official debut. However, Harry only said that babies could change a lot in two weeks, not that his baby had changed and was two weeks old.


A good friend to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, George Clooney, made statements to the Associated Press in defense of the two new parents. He noted that the media has been a little harsh on them by saying “the press turned on them”.

Clooney said that he wished the media would be kinder to Duchess Meghan, especially now since she’s a mother. She’s a young woman with a new baby, after all.

Will George Clooney be a Godfather?

Clooney recently revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that being the godfather to his friends’ baby would be “a bad idea”. Clooney did state that he is a father of twins, which keeps him quite busy at the moment. We’ll need to wait for several months before we find out who the real godparents will be for Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Watch the coverage in the Royal AZ channel below.

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