Officer Feels Uneasy After Stopping Teen On Street Then Gets Call From Mother Saying 'You Need To Come Take Him'

Jun 17, 2022 by apost team

This story from 2017 is an example of how a couple of chance encounters changed the lives of a teenage boy from a troubled home and a local police officer forever. 

Everything started in September 2014, when Officer Brandon Sheffert saw a teenage boy sprinting down a busy Peoria, Arizona street. He knew something was up, so he and his partner followed the boy and eventually caught up to him in a parking lot.

Anthony Schultz, the then-16-year-old sprinter, claimed he was trying to get in shape for his wrestling team. As reported by CNN, the officers had no reason to believe otherwise, but Officer Sheffert felt like Anthony was holding something back.

The police officer then asked the teen about his interests and what he wanted to do when he finished high school. The young man seemed surprised — it was as if nobody had ever taken an interest in him before. Officer Sheffert could tell the boy wanted to open up to him about something, but he knew he couldn't force it. The officers left, and Anthony finished his run.

Then a few weeks later, Officer Sheffert responded to a domestic disturbance call. He was surprised to find Anthony Schultz at the residence. The teenage boy lived in a one-bedroom apartment with seven other people. Anthony's mother was the one who had made the domestic disturbance complaint. There was alcohol involved, and it wasn't a good environment for a child.

The officer asked Anthony, "Where do I know you from?" before the teen replied, "You guys stopped me for running down the street a little while back." 

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Officer Sheffert told CNN: "There was a lot of alcohol and other stuff going on with the family." After seeing Anthony's living situation, Officer Sheffert decided he wanted to make a difference in the teen's life, so he started visiting him every day. Anthony, who had only met his own father once, looked forward to seeing Sheffert. For the first time in his young life, someone genuinely cared for him. From this, an authentic friendship between Anthony and the officer blossomed. Anthony recalled:

"He would park outside and I would talk to him for like an hour. ... It was the best thing in the world." He added, "I knew someone cared about me."

It was during these trips that Officer Sheffert felt like he really got to know Anthony. He said:

"I think he had a rough go ... He didn't have his dad in the picture. I don't think he had a solid male role model, ever."

The teenager held back tears as he confirmed this with the news outlet: "The thing is, I've never had a relationship with my father. I only met him once."

Anthony's home life was not an easy one. His family moved constantly, as his mother would get evicted, and the family would have to pack up their belongings and move in the middle of the night.

Then one night, Anthony's mother called Sheffert. He told FOX, "It got to a point one night where I get a phone call." Anthony's mother then told the police officer, as he recalled to the news outlet:

"You need to come take him. I can't take him anymore."

The police officer then said to her, as reported by FOX: "'Whoa, whoa, whoa. That doesn't make sense.'" Because Anthony had nowhere to go, Sheffert and his wife allowed the teen to come and stay with them until his home life got better. But by the time he'd turned 18 in November 2016, he had been kicked out again. That was when Sheffert and his family took Anthony in for as long as he needed. He told FOX:

"We have taken him in as one of our own ... Even my kids say he's their big brother, and they love it."

Since then, Anthony has become part of the Sheffert family and has been lucky to have all kinds of new experiences. Sheffert taught Anthony to drive, took Anthony on his first vacation and helped him apply for his first job. Anthony went from nearly dropping out of school his sophomore year to being the first person in his family to graduate from high school.

"I had a role model; I had someone I could look up to. I had someone I could aspire to be," Anthony told FOX. He added: "One person can make a difference in any person's life ... Brandon (Sheffert)'s that person that made a difference in my life."

After graduating from high school, Anthony planned to join the military. He dreams of one day becoming a police officer just like Sheffert, the man who changed his life. Anthony told the news outlet:

"I feel as though there's not a lot stopping me, at this point. I love the positivity. I love having someone that believed that I could do anything, and ultimately helped me succeed in life, and help me make it to the Army."

Officer Brandon Sheffert went beyond the call of duty and changed the life of Anthony Schultz. Do you know of any similar stories where an adult has helped a child in need? Let us know and make sure to pass this along to your friends and family.

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