Off-Duty Police Officer Sees Senior Citizen Stranded On Road, Goes Out Of Way To Replace Car Battery

Aug 12, 2019 by apost team

Officer Rafael Rodriguez was off duty and driving his own vehicle down the road when he encountered an elderly man with his broken-down car alongside the road.

While many people would choose to simply pass by and expect someone else to help, Rodriguez was a good Samaritan who choose to stop and see about the situation.

Rodriguez’s first brush with Facebook fame was in October 2018 when the Polk County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook to showcase this outstanding officer during Hispanic Heritage Month. Dressed in his uniform, Rodriguez cut a stunning image in the post as he explained that both he and his fianceé are passionate about their work because it allows them to help others within the community.

Rodriguez proved his passion for helping community residents on August 5th when he decided to go above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks to a bystander who chose to snap pictures of the entire incident, the officer’s good deed isn’t going unnoticed!

Dressed in his uniform, Rodriguez gave the elderly man the assistance that he needed, going so far as to pop the hood and look over the situation. When the officer had determined the problem with the car, he drove the old man to a nearby store to help him purchase a battery; then, Rodriguez went to his own home to pick up tools so that he could personally install the battery.

Because of Rodriguez and his desire to go above and beyond the call of duty, this elderly man got back on the road without paying for roadside assistance, a tow-truck, or a mechanic. We certainly could use more police officers and individuals like Rodriguez in the world!

The woman who caught the entire thing on her phone was there when it happened and knows Rodriguez did this not for publicity, but because he is a good-hearted man who was willing to help a stranger after putting in a long day at work.

The woman sent the story to the Polk County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page where she gave a quote saying that Rodriguez was an "awesome man." Although she didn’t know anything about Rodriguez beyond his last name, the sheriff’s department was able to use the information she provided to recognize the officer as Rafael.

The sheriff’s department went on to add to the story that Rodriguez has been with them for over 3 years and supported the poster’s claim that he is an amazing guy! She also said that his actions spoke a lot about not only Rodriguez but also the entire Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

We’re sure that Rodriguez is proud that he could help the elderly man and then appreciated the praise that he received online. There’s nothing like a pat on the back to encourage someone to keep up the good work!

Do you know a policeman or law enforcement officer that goes above the call of duty? Let us hear the story of your good cop, and then invite your friends to read and post about their experiences as well!