Off-Duty Firefighter Does The Inconceivable And Rescues Little Girl Trapped In House In Flames

Oct 18, 2020 by apost team

A Pennsylvania-based residence went up in flames on September 21. The most horrifying thing is that the house had a young girl shut in the second story.

Luckily, Elijah Hale was the first firefighter to reach the scene–even though he wasn't on duty at the time. Having pursued this course since his early youthful years, Hale managed to save the young girl’s life.

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Upon his arrival at the scene, Hale says that the house was full of smoke. He knew something was wrong. Thankfully, he discovered that there was a resident trapped in the burning building, and that was when he quickly devised a plan to rescue the young soul. Irishtown Fire Company reported that Hale picked up a ladder without hesitating and used it to save the girl from the blazing inferno.

Shortly after the rescue, Irishtown Fire Company posted on Facebook, explaining how Hale had acted swiftly to save the baby. Moreover, the company congratulated Hale for “his quick thinking, and willingness to take action without the benefit of PPE or other fire personnel on scene.” No doubt Hale’s response saved a young girl whose life was very nearly cut short.

In his explanation, Hale said that the intelligent girl had also acted quickly to save her life. According to Evening Sun, she used a guitar to smash the storm window. Had the girl panicked and curled herself in some corner, not even Hale’s efforts would save her. As such, Hale refuses to take all the credit; most importantly, he showed his appreciation by saying: “Big man up above, you know, just put me at the right place at the right time,” which is why he managed to do everything within minutes.

To most people's surprise, the ordeal ended in minutes as he immediately rescued her and EMS took over to evaluate her health. Hale couldn’t even explain how so many things happened in such a short while. Everything seemed to have taken a minute or slightly more according to Hale–from pulling up to taking the ladder and to getting the girl out.

The local community took to social media, where they commented on the post about Hale. Most of the people commended the rescuer’s character and bravery. Hale’s dad, Terri Hale, wasn’t left behind either. He wrote, “Couldn’t be more proud of my son.” A commenter going by the name Lindsae Kimm said that the little girl was her niece; she had no other words than to ask God to bless the selfless man.

Irishtown Fire Company couldn’t get enough of posts about Hale’s acts of kindness. They went ahead and did a follow-up post about Hale’s generosity and how hard he worked to influence both the animals and the local community. According to the company, Hale shied away from getting recognition even though he deserved it. By so doing, Hale only convinced people that he was, indeed, a champion.

Not many people would lay down their lives for the sake of others. This firefighter displayed an act of humanity and courage. Getting into a burning house without fire protection gear is far beyond sympathy; no wonder the company branded him a hero.

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