Senior Pizza Delivery Driver Gets Tip Greater Than Value Of A Car

Oct 15, 2020 by apost team

Derlin Newey of Utah has always done what needed doing, and that includes delivering pizzas at almost 90 years of age! The family of Carlos Valdez started a series of TikTok videos demonstrating the goodwill and kindness offered by Mr. Newey, and the community responded.

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Like a lot of senior citizens, Mr. Newey found that his retirement income just wasn't keeping up with his bills, so after retirement, he went back to work delivering pizzas. Despite being 89 years old, he works about 30 hours a week, reports CNN.

The Valdez family has always enjoyed their interactions with him and started asking for him by name. Once they had several videos of Mr. Newey's pleasant exchanges with the family, the Valdez family reached out to their more than 50,000 TikTok followers.

Mr. Newey has always worked, and taking on a delivery job meant that he was out in the community, meeting folks and providing a valuable service. However, living on a fixed income that just wasn't enough meant that his life was limited, both by a lack of funds and by having to work during his not-so-golden years.

The actions of the Valdez family mean that Mr. Newey can take a bit of a break from having to work, though he may just keep going to enjoy the social aspects of the job. In addition, connecting with the people he delivers to gives him a break from the limits of living alone.

Mr. Newey had never heard of TikTok, but its users have fallen for this charming elder. Now that the Valdez family has made him a star, Mr. Newey may need to start a channel of his own! Even if he just keeps delivering pizzas, this family has brought the digital community together to great effect.

The TikTok community stepped up and raised more than $12,000 for Mr. Newey. He should be able to enjoy more of his retirement time thanks to the efforts of Carlos Valdez and his family. The TikTok family has a new fan!

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