Nurse’s Jaw Drops When She Realizes Who’s Holding Her Graduation Pin

If you have family members in the military, you know how hard it can be to see them go when it’s time for duty. We miss our loved ones when we don’t get to see them or speak with them, and not knowing when a military member will be back or able to chat with you can be extremely hard to go through. Although they’re courageous individuals aiming for the better good, it’s still difficult to say goodbye.

One nurse knows this all too well. Margaret Pearson, also known as Penny, was a 50-year-old woman who went back to college to graduate nursing school. She was just about to complete her degree with her family by her side, as she was not only a wife but a mother as well!

Penny attends Rasmussen College at their Mankato campus location. As her graduation was upcoming, she knew that she was set to receive a special pin during the ceremony, as it’s the tradition for all nursing graduates.

If you’re unfamiliar with pinning ceremonies, it usually symbolizes the evolution from student to professional nurse.

Typically, a loved one of the graduates will present the pin. Penny was extremely excited to graduate, as nursing school isn't easy for anyone and it's an incredible achievement.

To celebrate the big day, Penny figured that her husband would love to present her with her pin, but she never could have expected the surprise of a lifetime when she found out who was really going to hand over her pin!

During the graduation ceremony, Penny was excited for her husband to present her pin. While she was standing up at the podium on stage, she was overtaken with shock when she realized that a special guest was in the building ready to present her pin- and it wasn’t her husband!

Her husband and members of the school had actually arranged a surprise for Penny that she would never forget.

Holding her pin was none other than her son, a 29-year-old Army Sergeant named Dustin Pearson.

Dustin had just come back from a year-long deployment in Kuwait, and was ready and waiting to present his mom with her honor!

You can watch the emotional moment in the video below:

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