Nurse Reunited With Her Dog After A Month Of Being Separated From Each Other

On the frontlines of the coronavirus fight, there are many heroes. Medical professionals are among the ones making sacrifices to care for others. One nurse shares a video of a delightful reunion she experienced with her pup after being away for a month.

In a sweet emotional video, nurse Sam Hurley is reunited with her overjoyed dog. They hadn't seen each other in a month, and the joy over their reunion is visible. Hurley had spent time volunteering on the coronavirus frontlines in New York City, and her pup stayed back home with Hurley's parents, reports Yahoo! News.

According to Sam's Instagram, she's an emergency room travel nurse. Adventures and travel seem to be her thing, and her dog Maya sometimes gets to come along for the ride. But in the case of the COVID-19 volunteer work, Maya needed to stay safe at home.

Maya, a goldendoodle standard poodle mix, has her own Instagram account, and she shares pictures of her adventures with her humans. A few weeks ago, Maya was pictured wearing Hurley's stethoscope to wish her good luck on her humanitarian mission in New York.

Hurley's time in New York was spent working in an area that was hard-hit with coronavirus cases. Her valuable work provided support to the already stretched-thin medical resources in the area. After an intense time of work on the COVID-19 frontlines, getting home was a big deal. Coming back to home and family–and dog–is the sweet reward after the work and the time away.

When Hurley returned from her work in NYC, her joyous reunion with Maya was caught in an endearing video. In the video, Hurley jumps out to greet Maya who comes running. Maya sprints straight to Hurley, and she can't stop jumping and running in circles.

Maya's tail is pretty much a blur since it's wagging so much. Maya runs around and jumps toward Hurley, even jumping on her and over her in ecstatic joy. Hurley's excitement certainly matches Maya's, and her smile is priceless. In the video, she laughs and soaks up Maya's love.

The hugs, fur rubbing, jumping, and tail-wagging are a sure sign of the special bond between a dog and her human. And the excitement that Maya shares with Sam Hurley is a beautiful picture of the many happy reunions that occur when heroes return home. Thank you for your work and sacrifice, Sam Hurley! Be sure to tell a friend about this heartwarming story.