Nurse Adopts Baby Girl Who Didn't Have A Single Visitor During Hospital Stay

Jun 04, 2019 by apost team

A baby who had a difficult start in life hit the jackpot when she was adopted by one of the nurses that cared for her. Gisele was born prematurely in 2016, weighing only one pound fourteen ounces. Born to parents with drug problems, Gisele was transferred to Boston, Massachusetts’s Franciscan Children Hospital in October of that year.

There, Giselle spent months in the hospital’s neonatal care ward, never receiving any visitors or anyone to wish her well. Hospital staff cared deeply for the little girl, eventually introducing her to Nurse Liz Smith.

Liz quickly developed a strong bond with Gisele. Always wanting to be a mother, Liz was heartbroken to learn that she was not an ideal choice for invitro fertilization.

“Since the moment I met her, there was something behind her striking blue eyes capturing my attention," Liz told The Washington Post. "I felt that I needed to love this child and keep her safe.”

At this time, the child's birth parents were also still involved in Gisele’s life. Gisele’s mother and father soon realized that their addiction problems were overwhelming, supporting Liz’s proposal to petition the state to let her adopt the child.

Fostering the child, Liz was ideally suited to take care of Gisele, who still required a good deal of medical attention. Even today, the little girl still gets most of her nutrition through a feeding tube.

Gisele’s adoption was completed in October of last year. The judge presiding over the occasion noted that while a birth is a miracle, an adoption is destiny. The judge’s words fully sum up how Liz feels about welcoming Gisele into her family.

Speaking with reporters, Liz confesses that while she always wanted to carry her own child, she feels that her meeting Gisele in the hospital that day was fate.

Liz and Gisele’s story has recently gone viral, with the mother-daughter duo making appearances on CNN and on NBC’s The Today Show. Internet users couldn’t help but smile as Liz answers questions while her little girl plays and giggles before the camera.

When asked about Gisele’s current condition, Liz says that the child is thriving, and doctors are astounded by the progress she has made after such a difficult start in life.

Gisele also gave a bit of advice to viewers, telling them that setbacks and life deviating from your original plan is no reason to stop looking for all the wonderful opportunities around you.

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