Note by Furnace Repairman Left On Receipt About Newborn After Emergency Call Leaves Father Shocked

Sep 12, 2018 by apost team

A new baby is always a lot of work. Once you have a child, you place their needs first. As any new parent knows, having a baby is a lot of work. You are constantly worried about whether you are doing everything right and what your child needs.

Parents love and care for their children intensely. Unfortunately, this love does not mean that problems will not happen. Sometimes, an emergency happens that parents cannot prevent. One of the worst experiences imaginable is a furnace going out during the freezing winter.

In February, this is exactly what happened to Jesse and Maria Hulscher. They were living in Willmar, Minnesota. Winters in Minnesota are frigid, so a furnace is a vital part of the home.

Unfortunately, Jesse and Maria just had a baby, Adler, the day before.

Luckily, the newborn did not have to put up with the freezing temperatures. Maria and Adler were both still at the hospital. Unfortunately, Jesse was at home with their 2-year-old son, Henrick. Jesse was getting the home ready for his wife and baby when the furnace stopped working. He instantly started to panic.

While a toddler is better able to handle the cold better than a newborn, the frigid temperatures could still hurt Henrick's health. With a newborn about to come home and a snow storm on the way, Jesse had to do something fast.

Jesse immediately called Magnuson Sheet Metal to see if they could fix the furnace before the storm hit. When he talked to the co-owner, Craig Aurand, Jesse told him how urgent it was.

In just 20 minutes, a technician was at the door.

Aurand remembers getting the call because Jesse was so concerned. Jesse told Aurand about the newborn baby and the broken furnace. As soon as Aurand heard about the problem, he immediately wanted to help.

Thankfully, the technician was quickly able to fix the problem. The home had heat again, and it was just in time. Soon, Maria and Adler were back at home. Jesse and Maria were both impressed by how fast the furnace was fixed, but they were even more amazed by the bill.

When they looked at the receipt, they could not believe their eyes. All it said was that there was no charge, and they should take care of the new baby. The couple could not believe what they were seeing.

Apparently, Magnuson Sheet Metal has a reputation for not charging families in need. They often do small jobs for free around the holidays. Aurand says that they want to be kind and help out the community. Their actions might make the news, but they are not doing it for the publicity. They just want to help out families in their community who are struggling to keep their homes warm.

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