Not-So-Secret Ways To Maintain A Happy, Strong, And Thriving Relationship

Jan 13, 2021 by apost team

If you are currently in a loving and committed relationship, you're lucky! Many others are not so lucky and are looking for exactly what you have. Nowadays, it seems that most relationships don’t work out. People often grow apart because of their busy lives, and technology doesn’t help. Romantic books and movies sometimes create unrealistic expectations for relationships. Perhaps your partner expects you to behave in ways that fictional characters behave, which is not always easy, comfortable, or even doable.

Social media doesn't help, either. It sometimes portrays others’ relationships as perfect, always romantic, and constantly devoted. Those portrayals can make your own relationship seem less than perfect and make you wish for what others have. Realize that your relationship shouldn’t live up to anyone else’s expectations; you want to make it work for the both of you, and that’s all that matters. If you want to keep your love alive, it's actually not that hard. A few simple tips can help keep your relationship healthy and happy.

Greet Your Partner When You Come Home

We all want recognition and appreciation. It can be so easy to take someone for granted and assume that they know you care. One of the easiest ways to show you care is to always notice when your partner comes home. And when you come home, make sure to seek out your partner and say hi. Notice them, and show that they are important to you. It takes so little time and expresses a lot of devotion. Your greeting can be the start of a conversation about how each of your days went. You might go on to share a meal together or even a bottle of wine. Intimate moments and trust are built on these little, everyday things.

Keep Dating Your Partner

Go with what works. Your relationship probably began with dating in some form. Keep having date nights so that your relationship stays strong. This is advice often given to newly married couples. Even if you are not married yet but are in a settled relationship, it is important advice to take. By going out on dates, you will both remember how your relationship started and why you ended up loving each other. You can have a regular date night once a week or even once a month.

By prioritizing date night, you show that your relationship is important to you. You can make the date a special, romantic evening, or you can simply spend time together doing something inexpensive and fun. The purpose of dates is to get to know each other, and even if you already know each other very well, you will learn new things all the time when you spend quality time together.

Think Of Something You Love About Your Partner Every Day

You want to nurture your love for your partner. Make an effort to think about something you love or appreciate about your partner every day. There are, no doubt, a hundred things, but by thinking about them, they come to the forefront of your mind and become a basis for overcoming rough patches in the relationship. Try to think of something different every day. This reminds you of why you’re together and helps your love grow. As you express things you love about your partner, they will begin to do the same. It can be a great habit to share.

Look Into Your Partner’s Eyes

Looking deeply into someone else’s eyes can help form a deep connection. In fact, a 2019 study from a group of Japanese researchers confirms that making eye contact leads to activity in the brain's limbic system, which is responsible for recognizing and sharing emotions. In other words, making eye contact is the key to empathy. This shouldn't come as a huge surprise. After all, have you ever spoken to someone who doesn’t look you in the eyes? They might just be intimidated or shy, but it makes it difficult to connect.

This is why you're often given the advice to look someone in the eyes when you talk to them. Apply this advice to everyone you meet but especially with your partner. Even if you are busy working on something or checking your phone, if your partner starts talking to you, stop what you are doing and make that eye-to-eye contact while you talk. It helps your bond grow, and you can read your partner's emotions more easily and respond more appropriately. And you can rest assured that the science backs this up.

Put Your Phone Down

Your phone or device always promises information, entertainment, and connection with others. That's great, but sometimes it can replace or become a barrier to your connection with your partner. Why not agree to take a break from technology for a day or so? If you are on your phone or other gadgets, you are not connecting with your partner. Agree to spend time with your partner without technology. You will form a new closeness as you do so.

Do Little Acts of Kindness Daily

You know how little things can sometimes ruin your day? That frustration can spill over into your relationship. This can happen to your partner as well. Make an effort to avoid that. Think about things you can do to help your partner, make their day better, or just show you care. Write notes, make a cup of coffee, or do one of the chores that is normally your partner’s. Each of these things helps remind your partner that you care.

Say I Love You

Make a habit of saying “I love you” at certain times every day. For instance, say it before going to bed or leaving in the morning. These three words provide reassurance that you haven’t forgotten your love for your partner and that they are always important in your life. In addition to these daily expressions of love, occasionally say “I love you” in a more special way through a hug or thoughtful gesture.

See? It's actually pretty easy to keep your relationship going strong. These tips are small and simple gestures that support your relationship in a big way. Most of them take no time at all, and you can do them daily. As small and simple as these things are, they can feel significant. Be grateful for what you have, and do the little things that make your love a priority in your life.

Do you agree with these tips? Give your opinion on what you think are the best ways to keep relationships strong. Send your friends and family this article and ask them what they think as well.

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