Not So Obvious How Many Squares Do You Count Here?

May 31, 2019 by apost team

Think through this one very carefully. Visual puzzles can be extremely tricky--Even though they look easy, each person who attempts them can come up with a uniquely different response! Is it really that difficult to count squares?

So, take a look and tell us how many squares you think there are.

So... how many did you get? Did it take you a long time?

And now, for the correct answer:

We found 15 individual squares. Did you guess 15? If you were sneaky and decided the word "square" counts toward your answer, then the answer would be 16. 

We have yet another puzzle that's very similar. If you got the above puzzle correct, try this one out!

We admit, this one's a bit more complicated. We found 40 squares. How many did you find and how long did it take?

These puzzles make great party games--try it and challenge your friends to try them, too! Were you able to solve any of them on your own?