Not-So-Discreet Squirrel Gets Caught Stealing Toilet Paper And Has Everyone Cracking Up

It happens to all of us. You walk into a public restroom stall to use the facilities, but you realize all too late that there is no toilet paper in your stall. It is an aggravating situation for all of us! A couple of campers caught a toilet paper thief on video this weekend taking the much-needed toiletry. You’ll crack up when you see just who it was.

As reported by CBC News, Christa Lawrence was camping with her family in Nordegg at the Upper Shunda Creek Campground and was there to catch the amazing video. The family came back to their campsite after spending their day fishing and having fun. They were shocked to find what they did and could not control their laughter as they kept the camera trained on the thief.

Christa told CBC News,  "My dad saw him first and started laughing, completely uncontrollably. And I just looked over and there he was, pulling the roll out from under the door — pulling and pulling and pulling."

The family saw the little squirrel trying to gather toilet paper as fast as he could off of a stand that was by the men’s outhouse. Christa said it went on for hours. She was shocked to see that the squirrel did not seem to be afraid of humans at all.

She told the news that the squirrel came back to the restroom around ten times during the night to gather up more toilet paper. He would then disappear back into the woods with his treasure. She said they have no idea how much he actually got away with. It does seem as if he really knows what he is doing!

The realized the next morning that the little thief had even managed to pull the door out and get into the women’s washroom. They figure he has an amazing nest somewhere in the forest. They also figure that the critter is trying to make the best nest that he can before the winter months come. It looks like he has had plenty of opportunities to take as much toilet paper as he wanted!


What did you think of this little rascal? Would you get mad if he stole all your toilet paper? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this funny story on to friends and family!