Nostalgic Video Of Cher And Tina Turner's Duet Reminds Fans Of Their Friendship

May 30, 2023 by apost team

In the wake of the heartbreaking passing of the Queen of Rock 'N' Roll, Tina Turner, old-time fans and new-generation admirers looked back on some of her iconic moments. As music lovers keep honoring the legend, an old clip resurfaced showing a thrilling moment Turner shared with her longtime pal, and fellow singer, Cher. The clip from 1975 went viral on several social media platforms showing the pair duet most energetically. 

During her lifetime, Turner was known for her electrifying performances, mainstream music, infectious charisma, iconic sense of style, and strong bond with fellow stars like Cher. After her death was announced, Cher was one of the first stars who paid their last respect and shared their fond memories of the "What's Love Got To Do With It" singer. 

In a May 23, 2023, interview with MSNBC's Ari Melber, the star singer recalled her final visit to her beloved friend's abode. The singer revealed that she decided to actively keep up with Turner as she learned of her deteriorating health. Cher relayed that she felt it was necessary to spend quality time with Turner at her Switzerland home so she does not feel like she had been "forgotten." 

Amid reminiscing on the times she visited the music star, Cher recalled the last time they were in contact and the peculiar gift that Turner gave her. The "Believe" singer recalled how her beloved friend showed admirable strength even as she endured the pains of her ailments. 

However, Cher added that toward the end, Tina Turner knew she could not hold on for much longer. She stated that Turner told her she was ready, in reference to her impending demise, and did not want to put up with her failing health anymore. Despite the gloomy reality of death, 

Turner cherished the moments her pals visited her. Cher relayed that from the interactions, Turner seemed happy with the visitations. She noted that the conversations were often happy and full of laughter. The music diva stated about her iconic friend:

"She was having a good time in spite of the fact that she was really sick and not wanting people to know about it."   

The rock singer sweetly revealed that the late star gifted her a pair of shoes that represented her uniqueness. Turner passed away after years of dealing with several health issues, including stroke, kidney failure, and cancer. The star was not quite informed when the problems with her health started. She lived with prolonged blood pressure issues, eventually leading to her kidneys' deterioration. She underwent a kidney transplant thanks to her spouse Erwin Bach. However, a few years later, Turner's doctors diagnosed her with intestinal cancer. 

A few weeks before her death, the music star opened up to fans on Instagram. She reached out to her admirers about the need for care as she advised them to "show their kidneys love." The singer made the post on International World Kidney Day. 

Even as she struggled with malignant health complications, Tina Turner never lost sight of her happiness.

Once in a December 2020 interview with the Guardian, she revealed that she had been reveling in her "ideal version of happiness." On May 24, 2023, Turner's media team took to her official social media page, sharing the news of her painful exit. After the singer's demise, fans and celebrities expressed their heartfelt tributes in droves. 

Many music lovers also dove through archives to dig up many of her memorable moments. In her viral evergreen video with Cher, Turner appeared on "The Cher Show" in 1975, looking as glamorous as always. 

The pair took to the stage, rocking similar looks. The industry pals slipped their lithe figures into vibrant bespoke that featured tassels from their upper thighs to tier ankles. The sleeveless outfits bore high necklines, while the tassels left their toned limbs on display. While Turner rocked her signature layered hairstyle, Cher opted for a bob with bangs.     

Turner was in her element as she vigorously danced while Cher met her halfway with exceptional cadence. The pair performed "Shame Shame Shame." The clip was shared on several social media pages, and fans wasted no time gushing over the music stars while reminiscing about Turner's prowess. 

In the clip on Cher's official YouTube page, many people expressed admiration for the singers. Someone shared, "It doesn't get any better than Cher and Tina." Another fan chipped in, "What a fun performance with these two remarkable divas." More fans took to the comments reflecting on the beautiful friendship the duo maintained until the end.  

Wasn't it heartwarming that Cher could be there for Tina Turner until the end? Do you believe in great friendship? Let us know, and share this piece to keep others inspired. 

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