No One Knows You Like The Friends You See Only Twice A Year

It's funny how it can happen that those who see you on a daily basis don't know you as much as that friend that you only see twice a year. It's been years since you have been near each other, but somehow that connection has not been broken.

The friends that you see twice a year; they matter enough to you that you actually make the effort to visit them. Perhaps they live in another city, you both live busy lifestyles, or simply don't have much time to see each other on a regular basis. They have known you before you knew yourself.

That friend that giggled with you about your first crush, who cried with you when you broke up with them, who helped you choose your prom dress or outfit; this is the friend that you still want to talk to about the things that matter to you. Even if that means talking only twice a year.

Maybe it's more than one friend. They're the girls and guys that you knew when you got drunk for the first time. You also saw them make fools of themselves when they had a little too much of mom and dad's box wine. You all imagined what you wanted to be when you grew up and as time went by, you helped them to determine the career you thought they would be good at.

With them, you got to know what you were capable of. You shared notes during high school, you spent your summers in the same hangout spots. Remember your first job interview? You probably called them ten times beforehand to ask for advice on what to wear, what to say, and how to wear your hair.

Over the years, you have grown apart in distance. It happens. People move out of state or out of their home towns; for jobs, for love, for colleges, for fun. They may physically leave your shared space, but do the friends that really matter ever leave your life? You make sure that they don't.

These are the friends that you share a What's App group with. You text each other often sending Instagram memes and quips about the new guys you are dating, your work crush, or your spouse's antics. You meet many new friends over the course of the years, but not many people can compare to the friends that remember what you look like with 12-year-old braces.

The friends you barely ever see, but that you have known forever. You laugh even just by looking at them. Your inside jokes can get you laughing with even just a word. You know what they like and what they don't like, whether it's coffee, food, or alcohol. You have their back and if you ever hear of anyone wanting to mess with them, you make sure they know that you know Jiu-jitsu.

But, their friendship goes beyond just fun and games. These friends were there for you when you lost your childhood pet. They joined you in eating ice-cream and watching romantic movies after your first heartbreak. They are the friends who help you to promote your new professional ventures and share your websites or programs all over their social media. They want to see you succeed as much as they want to succeed.

These friends are the kind that would attend your grandmother's funeral and not only attend, but make sure that every detail of the wake was taken care of. Because in this world there is the kind of friends that know everything about you and they love you anyways. These are the type of friends that last a lifetime. They are the friends that you keep in touch with, even if you only ever see each other twice a year.

Maybe you feel like you don't tell them enough how much they matter. Sometimes you go weeks without talking because life is busy. You want them to know how much you care about them because your new friends just don't get why you twirl your hair in your hands as a nervous tick. Your new friends don't know that the reason why you close your mouth in every picture is because you hated your teeth growing up. Your friend or friends that you only see twice a year understand who you are and why you behave the way you do and you love them for it.