No Guests Confirm Attendance To 7-Year-Old's Party, So His Mom Asks For Help

Oct 12, 2021 by apost team

Birthdays are typically spent surrounded by loved ones with plenty of friends and family members all coming together to celebrate the birthday boy or the birthday girl’s special day. As we get older, the way we celebrate sometimes changes, but the time spent with those most important to us and creating new memories remains just as meaningful. 

While everyone has their own guest list in mind, it’s common for children to invite their classmates and as many of their friends as possible to have the best party they could ever imagine. A 7-year-old had an unforgettable birthday party after a last-minute change in the guest list sparked one of the best birthdays he’s had so far. 

Stone Reynolds of Napoleon, Ohio, was excited for his birthday party on Oct. 2, 2021, as he had invited all of his friends to come out and share his special day with him. While turning seven years old typically isn’t considered a milestone, it was still a pretty important day to Stone. 

Unfortunately, none of his friends RSVPed for his party, so his mom needed to find a way to give her son the day he deserved. Alexandra Reynolds, Stone’s mom, quickly came up with a plan and found a way to make sure there would be excited guests at her son’s party. 

Sharing a last-minute post on a community Facebook group, Reynolds asked her community to show up and help make her son’s birthday as bright as possible. Within just a few hours, the mom was left completely blown away by her community’s response.

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It seemed like Stone was going to be spending his birthday alone after his friends failed to RSVP to his party in time. According to WTOL 11, the 7-year-old boy loves playing with LEGOS and spending time with his family and friends. He chose to celebrate his birthday at Leaders Family Farms in his hometown of Napoleon, but none of his friends confirmed their attendance. 

Reynolds came up with a plan to save her son’s birthday from falling apart and shared a post with the Napoleon area Facebook group, asking people if they would want to come to celebrate Stone’s birthday. She was completely blown away by her community’s response, and so many of them came out to help give Stone the day he deserved.

“I was so thankful because a lot of the moms, they understand exactly where I was getting at,” Reynolds said, expressing her gratitude for her community. Stone’s older sister Emma also chimed in about how glad she was to see her brother’s birthday celebration have such a great turnout after all. “I’m glad he’s happy,” she said.

“Just love the fact that the whole community of Henry County and surrounding counties came together to make this little boy’s birthday special,” Leaders Family Farms employee Amanda Barnes said.

According to WTOL 11, Stone and his party guests enjoyed zip-lining, carnival games, and seeing pumpkins get launched in the air. What meant the most, though, was that he was surrounded by people who cared about him. It definitely seems like this was a birthday that Stone will never forget.

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