Nine Abandoned Puppies Left To Die Were Picked Off The Street And Nursed Back To Health

It can difficult to understand why a person would abandon an animal of any kind. Little puppies are especially vulnerable to the harsh conditions of the streets. Yet, this is exactly what happened recently in West Des Moines, Iowa.

A worker at the Furry Friends Refuge animal shelter was making her daily rounds when she stumbled upon nine poor puppies crammed into two crates. The sweet pack of Bichon Frises barely had room to move in the tight quarters.

All of the puppies had badly matted fur and were in poor shape after having to endure the cramped conditions.

Andrea Touzani, manager of the shelter, posted on Facebook about the puppies. She said that the puppies needed a significant amount of help to get back up on their feet. The dogs were infested with fleas and also needed dental care and treatment for pervading ear infections.

Pet groomer Chrissy Elliot saw the social media post and offered to clean up the pups at no charge. What a sweet thing for her to do with her time and business.

It did not take long for Chrissy to get the puppies looking like they had never been abandoned.

Andrea said that the shelter thinks that the puppies may have come from a breeder. The shelter is worried that there could be more animals like them also in danger.

All of the puppies are now being cared for in foster care as they await adoption.

Concerned citizens should always call the authorities if they believe that animals are in a situation in which they are being mistreated. It is also important to document any mistreatment or suspicious activities.

Now you can see the viral videos of these sweet puppies. We are all so thankful that they are now in good hands. After you have watched this adorable video, be sure to spread the puppy joy to everyone else that you know.