Nimble Nuns Perform Popular Dance Challenge, Immediately Leading To A Mood Boost

May 14, 2021 by apost team

A monastery in Ireland was the dance floor for a group of nuns and fathers as they danced to help bring joy to people all over the world. The group, aged 28 to 92, showed off their incredible moves as they took on a dancing challenge at their monastery in Dublin, Ireland. The video of the happy routine quickly became an online sensation, receiving praise from people all around the globe.

The Redemptoristine Nuns have been in Dublin since 1859 and are an enclosed order who limit their interactions with the outside world and devote their lives to prayer.

The challenge, which began in February 2020, was a way for the fathers and nuns to come together that would also help the rest of the world find something joyful during a time of stress and hopelessness. The nuns had been challenged by their fellow Redemptorist fathers and Brothers, who made appearances throughout the video as well. 

The video started with two sisters strutting down a hallway before busting out some dance moves. They were quick on their feet, bouncing happily from one side to the other on their feet. Throughout the video, there are cuts to other nuns — as well as fathers and brothers — dancing nimbly on their toes.

The scenery was just as magnificent as the dancing. Some people were at a beach next to cascading waves and pretty sand. Some were in a room with a stunning stained glass window in the background.

The video received plenty of attention and praise. The online love was present and uplifting, shocking the group who had released the video humbly.

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The Sisters Move To Bring Hope

While the world has been enduring the trials and tribulations of COVID-19, it has also given people plenty of time to get creative during periods of lockdown. The video was made as a way to bring some lightness back into the world. “We wanted to cheer people up,” Sister Lucy Conway told RTE News. “It’s been a tough time.” 

Sister Lucy went on to explain doing the dance was a great way to help the nuns through troubling times. “It’s built up our community and brought unity,” she said. The video did not just lift the hearts of those at the monastery, but people from all over the world also resonated with the joy the video brought.

The Jerusalema Dance Challenge began in February 2020. It was created by a group in southwest Africa known as Fenomenos do Semba. The group filmed themselves and uploaded the video dancing along to a song written by Master KG, a South African record producer. The vocals on the track come from Nomcebo. The song is gospel-influenced, perfectly fitting for the Redemptorist fathers and Redemptoristine nuns.

According to RTE News, the order has had to change its methods of earning income since it has not been able to perform masses. They usually produce altar bread, but the demand has diminished due to the lack of services The sisters got crafty and started knitting, candle making and producing cards to help bring in their needed income. Becoming a viral sensation was just icing on the cake for the order.

Surprising Appearances And A Divine Routine

The video was uploaded on Feb. 22, 2021. It was captioned with the description: “From Brazil to Dublin to Cork the Redemptoristines and Redemptorists take on the Jerusalema Challenge. Well done to all.” The description also encouraged people to watch and hopefully like what they see. It read: “Enjoy! Praying for our world in these challenging times.”

Everyone moved professionally and urgently, losing themselves to the beat of the music. As the song continued playing, the dancing stayed steady. Everyone was full of life and energy as they all kept up with the simple yet active choreography. They didn’t miss a single beat.

The video was full of fun. Some of the fathers wore some pretty impressive hats, including some knitted beanies, baseball caps and fedora-style hats. The headpieces magically stayed in place as they bounced happily along to the song. We wonder if some strategically placed pins might have been at work!

It wasn’t just the monastery that had a ball. Even two dogs made guest star appearances! Held up by two nuns, the fluffy dogs looked happy to be part of the adventure. The nuns continued dancing as they held onto their furry friends.

A trio of nuns sat while clapping along to the beat, showing their appreciation and enjoyment for their peers’ dancing. As the song came to a close, the sisters brought out even more impressive moves as they twirled around. Everyone waved their arms in the air. They all jumped excitedly, still having a blast even as the music faded out.

What was your favorite part of the routine? Do you think your friends and family could pull off their moves? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to see who has some impressive moves to show off.

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