News Anchor Can't Stop Laughing When Unicorn Named ‘Ferdinand’ Gives The Weather Report

On set, news broadcasters live and die by one very important rule: no matter what is going on around them, they must maintain control over their emotions and demeanor. Admittedly, that's not always an easy thing to do. How many times have we seen live broadcasts where the reporter is standing in the middle of a hurricane and giving an earnest report about what's going on around them? We see this kind of professional behavior time and again. It's why we tune in to our favorite news channels.

Unfortunately, there was a recent news anchor on Global Calgary, a Canadian news station who tried as she may but completely lost control of herself while the station's weatherman gave the evening weather report. Of course, this wasn't an ordinary night nor was it an ordinary weather report.

It was Halloween night. The weatherman was a meteorologist, a man named Jordan Witzel. What was unusual about Mr. Witzel on this particular night was he showed up on set to deliver the weather report in his Halloween costume.

It wasn't an ordinary costume, he was dressed as Ferdinand the Mystical Unicorn. His costume included a skin-tight white body suit with a white cotton mane, pink and purple hair and yes, the requisite white horn.

To make sure everyone was paying attention, Witzel arrived on set and began prancing around the set like you would expect a unicorn to do. After all, it's exactly what all unicorns do, right?

The vision of this grown, educated meteorologist prancing on set in this adorable unicorn costume was simply more than the on air anchorwoman could bear. She broke out in hysterical laughter, which resulted in tears. Yes, she lost her composure in a very fun spirited way.

As you might expect, she couldn't let this go without engaging in a conversation with Witzel.

At one point, the weatherman sated, "I didn’t even bother shaving. I thought maybe it would add to the whole thing.” The anchorwoman's retort was as follows: “Sure, that’s where the focus is,” likely referring to the rather revealing nature of the tight costume.

This story makes clear that we are all human. If something is hysterically funny, we are going to laugh no matter what else we are doing. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this story and will rush to tell you friends about it. Let us know your thoughts.