Newborn Donkey At Texas Farm Likes To Ask For Hugs

Dec 05, 2019

There's a viral video making waves on the internet showing a miniature donkey by the name of Gunner. Surprisingly, he was only born 8 hours prior to the video being made. Gunner was born in Crowley, Texas, USA at Pixie Farms. This mini foal is incredibly young, but he already understands the magical power that hugs have.

The video shows his handler playing and petting him for a few minutes. It's clear that the two enjoy it equally, and Gunner has a unique way of expressing his desire for more hugs. Every time Gunner thinks his handler isn't giving him enough affection or pats on the back, he nudges with his head and asks for more.

Being less than a few months old, Gunner has a lot to learn about the world, but he already knows that this handler is going to be a great friend. It's so cute! This shows just how universal hugs are in the animal kingdom. Two animals don't need to understand the same language in order to give each other a hug.

Pixi Farms, based in Crowley, Texas, is a Registered Miniature Donkey Hobby Farm. There's a description of their organization on their associated social media page. It says that the farm currently has chickens, turkey, guinea fowl, Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs, and, of course, miniature donkeys. They mention that it's never quiet or dull around their farm and it's something they love.

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