Newborn Baby Squirrel, Left By Mommy On A Man's Bed, Grows Up To Become His Adorable Pet

Squirrels are often considered to be an annoying animal. They eat your bird seed, make a mess, and run off when you come near them. They are basically wild animals who usually want nothing to do with humans, but some do have the potential to become adorable pets. This is especially true for ones who are raised from babies. This story is about a squirrel named Thumbelina, a special pet that even has followers on social media.

The story began when the mother made her nest on a man’s bed indoors. The original nest had been destroyed by construction, so the mom crawled in through a window to build the nest. She eventually abandoned both of her babies, prompting the man to call in wildlife rehabilitators Michael and Christina. Unfortunately, mama squirrel would not take her babies back. One died, leaving the other newborn squirrel alone with the two humans. They decided to raise her as best as they could.

Christina and Michael stated that almost every squirrel taken in by their wildlife agency is cared for and then released to live in the wild. But this wouldn’t work for Thumbelina, an eastern grey squirrel. The two bottle-fed the tiny squirrel for months until she was able to start eating solids.

Today, Thumbelina is 2-years-old. She is definitely not at all like other squirrels. She doesn’t run like most squirrels do, as she prefers to take her time and walk instead. She also sits instead of climbing around like most squirrels. She doesn’t like other squirrels or being outside. In fact, according to her human parents, she is terrified of both. The couple writes that she hates cold weather and isn’t as fast or responsive if she has to be outside. She would rather snuggle with her humans instead.

She loves a variety of foods, such as avocados, sugar snap peas, arugula, and tomatoes. She loves to play and get into trouble. She even watches television!

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Thumbelina is a hit on Instagram, with 130,000 followers who love to watch her every move. Some have even made fan art with her as the star. She now enjoys the honorary title as “ambassador squirrel” for two wildlife rehabilitation centers. She is a celebrity squirrel and enjoys every minute of it.

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