Newborn Baby Girl Warms Hearts Getting Her Hair Washed

A video from 2016 has had millions of views - baby girl Amira enjoying having her hair washed.

The newborn's complete relaxation and her ability to surrender to the moment has had people mesmerized all over the globe, including proud father Taveon Glenn, who posted it on social media.

Mindfulness: Learned Or Remembered?

A big talking point when it comes to children and parenting, or life in general for that matter, is in the being able to just stay in the moment that exists. It’s called mindfulness, and it basically entails being grounded and enjoying whatever is going on without judgment or thought to alternative happenings as Amira is able to do here, and is detailed by

As this viral video of a baby getting her hair washed shows, infancy is a time where worries beyond the exact moment in time being lived are nonexistent. It’s all about the feeling and happenings in-hand, and babies fully experience each minute of it without thought to what others are thinking, what comes next, what came before, or anything else outside that precise moment in time. Their feelings are immediate and deeply hyper-focused.

Fast forward to adulthood, and we spend years trying to “learn” how to be so present in our own lives and circumvent the clutter filling our thoughts. We meditate. We see therapists. We follow self-help gurus. What if we don’t need to learn it, though? What if it’s inherent to us? We just have to remember how to do it. After all, we already experienced these mindful states as infants.

In the video, you can see the baby lost in her experience. She’s feeling every drop of water and stroke of the brush with every fiber of her being. Nothing beyond that washing exists for her. She’s precious, but many of us are probably so transfixed watching the video because suddenly we have the urge to just live in the moment.

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