New Study Reveals That Pasta Can Help You Lose Weight

Apr 09, 2018 by apost team

Carb lovers rejoice! This new research could be all you need to feel less guilty about indulging in your favorite Italian dishes.

A new study published by BMJ Open reveals that pasta may not be as naughty as once thought. Contrary to popular belief, pasta isn't the worst carb you could put in your body.

Canadian researchers set out to study the effects pasta had on weight in a 12-week experiment conducted on 2,500 participants. You might be surprised to learn that those who at around 3 servings of pasta each week lost around 1 pound by the end of the study without making any other changes to their diet or exercise.

Nutritionists have been warning us about pasta for many years because it is calorically dense and causes a spike in blood sugar.

As it turns out, out of all the refined carbs you could eat, pasta had the least negative effects.

If you've been eating white rice because you believed it was a healthier choice than pasta, it may be time to start incorporating pasta into your diet! Pasta was found to be absorbed into the bloodstream at the slowest and steadiest rate, which means it has a lower glycemic index. While you definitely shouldn't eat pasta for every meal of the week, this study should make you feel less afraid of eating a few servings each week.

For best health results, stick to lighter sauces that are tomato based and not weighed down with lots of fats. Opt for a marinara instead of an alfredo sauce! Although this study was conducted with white pasta, there is more evidence that shows eating whole grains are more beneficial. If you enjoy the heartier texture, whole grain pasta can pack additional fiber and protein into your meal than its refined counterparts.

Either way, any kind of pasta is not as dangerous as we've been lead to believe! Who are you bringing on your next pasta date? Be sure to make more Italian friends and tell everyone you know about this glorious news!