New Research Says That Going To The Beach Is Actually Beneficial To Your Health

Multiple studies conducted in Britain and the United States show that going to the beach improves a person's mental and physical health.

The United States and Britain have both conducted several studies that indicate the beach improves a person's outlook.

The beach is responsible for improving a person's well-being, brain function, and overall happiness. These findings have been supported by research done by Kobe University in Japan. It showed that Japanese residents whose home had an ocean view were more peaceful and calm than people who live in urban cities. Similar findings show that Brits living by the coast report that they have better physical and mental health.

Studies call the serenity caused by the sea "blue space."

These studies suggest that the combination of soothing visuals, sounds, and the smell of the water all induce a meditative state. This state is excellent for your health.

Medical Daily even published the physical benefits of a day spent at the beach.  Sea water has iodine, potassium, and magnesium. All of these elements are natural disinfectants. There are also respiratory benefits to inhaling ocean air, which help you get a good night's sleep. Waves also have a soothing sound that slows down the nervous system and promotes deep relaxation.

Going to the beach reduces your stress level.

When you walk down the beach, you'll find yourself becoming significantly calmer. Water naturally cures stressors. The beach is also a mood booster. In addition, the water's positive ions help a person to relax. You can get your feet wet for a deeper sense of peace.

The beach boosts your creativity.

Studies suggest that the beach is an ideal solution to creative blocks. Novels, poems, and ideas all come easier after a person has been to the beach. Being around all that blue space helps to clear your head and resolve issues creatively. Scientifically, this may happen because your calmness allows you to tune out the "noise" that's blocking you from your creative drive.

The beach allows you to be more positive.

This effect is similar to the one on your creative process. Going to the beach helps relieve depression and deep-seated anxiety, leaving you with positive feelings. Waves have a hypnotic sight and smell that helps to induce meditation and clear your mind.

The beach changes your perception of life.

This is the biggest health benefit from going to the beach. Your perception of your life and attitude toward your surroundings will change. Studies show that nature is the key to a healthier and happier life. If you're troubled, getting in touch with nature is a great way to rest your body and mind. And if you can't get to the beach itself, you can meditate by listening to soothing ocean sounds.

Catching some waves could be the difference between a positive and negative outlook. How do you feel after going to the beach? Let us know, and spread the word that a beach day is all you and your friends need for a new outlook!