New Mom Takes Shower & Finishes Her Coffee While Hot Thanks To The Brilliant Hack She Thought Up

Anyone without kids might not know that after they're born, they go through a period of time where they are EXTREMELY clingy. Like, they need to be strapped to you at all times or they'll lose it clingy. Most moms grow accustomed to not being able to enjoy a cup of coffee (or a minute in the bathroom) alone - that is, until one genius mom came up with a hack that might even give new moms enough time to drink coffee AND use the restroom. Unheard of, right?

Melissa Dykstra joined a facebook group for moms to share their baby hacks, hints, and tips - and instead of profiting from other mom's tips, she ended up coming up with one of her very own!

She shared the above photo of her baby with a plastic glove resting on her stomach, mimicking the feeling of her mother's embrace. She came up with the idea in a moment where she desperately needed a shower, and ended up being able to finish her coffee, too! 

Any parent of a newborn baby knows that's no easy feat to accomplish.

The post clearly resonated with a lot of people, as it quickly racked up over 17,000 comments and 4,000 shares.

Moms are raving over the baby hack, saying that it could solve all their problems and is a great tip for when you need a second alone. Some even gave their own tips and tricks in the comments!

Some suggestions for making the rubber hand-replacement even more realistic included filling the bag with slightly warmed dry rice or sand, or even warm water.

What do you think about this mom's brilliant method? Have you ever tried something similar? It certainly freed her for up for brief amounts of time and the baby seems to love it. Spread the word if you think someone you know might want to try it!

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