New Mom Dances Her Way Through Emotional & 'Bittersweet' Journey From Pregnancy To Motherhood

May 12, 2022 by apost team

There is a lot of good and a lot of bad that comes with living in modern times. The 21st century is the cutting edge of past history, bringing together a mix of humanization as well as technology. People now have the ability to share their lives with others that did not exist before. 

Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have taken the world and flipped it upside down with how people can receive information, communicate with people around the world, and also communicate with their friends and family. One platform that has recently changed the 21st century would be TikTok. The app allows internet users to share short videos with people all around the world. 

With millions of users on the internet and  TikTok, people get very creative with their videos including one user named Jessie Caroline Harrington. With over 33,000 followers on TikTok, her internet sensation mom has over one million likes on her videos and social page. What began as a documentation of her pregnancy has turned into internet stardom. A lot of the videos she has created, edited, and posted have well over 20,000 thousand views. Some of her videos have millions. 

Harrington first posted to Tiktok as well as Instagram documenting her pregnancy journey over the course of nine months. The new mom has also created and posted videos documenting her son and his journey in growing from a newborn to a little boy. Read on to see what the internet has to say about Harrington’s sweet and unique videos. 

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“This song feels so bittersweet and I think that pretty much sums up motherhood. #motherhood # momsoftiktok #babiesoftiktok #firstyear #oneyear,” Harrington captioned a video that has nearly four million views. The sweet video shows the mom dancing with her newborn at every single month milestone leading up to him being one year old. 

With nearly four million views, the video landed over one million impressions and has over 14,000 comments. 

“This touched me profoundly, i am so happy for you. can’t wait for the day I get to be a mother like you,” one kind TikTok user wrote on the video.

Another wrote, “Idk why this makes me want to cry… y’all are so cute and I guess it feels like he grew up too fast 🥺.” 

The mom’s content was so unique that Good Morning America shared her video as well. Posting the video to their Youtube got Harrington and her video even more attention and positivity. One Youtube use wrote, “I love that she's honest that sometimes she's sad and that its hard. People on social media makes it seem likes it's easy and happy all the time when it's not.

Harrington also documented her pregnancy journey in a similar fashion. In another TikTok the then soon-to-be mom danced her way to birth. Internet users also loved this video. 

They commented things like, “I so wish I’d documented my pregnancies more!! So lush to look back on x.”

Harrington’s fun, positive, and uplifting outlook on her motherhood journey has taken the internet by storm. It has also has shown people that the process of being pregnant or joining motherhood can be lighthearted as well as exciting.

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