Never, Ever Follow These 7 Pieces Of Bad Relationship Advice

Oct 11, 2018

We've all seen shows, movies, and more than glamorized not so healthy relationships. It can be easy to get caught up in bad relationship advice nowadays, especially from friends and family.

People will tell you what they believe is a good relationship. That doesn't mean you have to follow it. What's worse is when you can't tell if a relationship is healthy or not due to all of the messed up advice you keep hearing. Have no fear, here are seven bad pieces of relationship advice.

1. "Your partner should be more romantic."

Let's face it. Every couple has their honeymoon phase and their normal paced relationship. A lot of times in the media we believe it's normal for all couples to be goo-goo eyes over one another forever. Well, that's not true. Everyone relationship will fluctuate in how romantic they are. Forcing your partner to be romantic isn't okay.

2. "You should find someone who makes more money."

Making enough money is a hard reality a lot of us face. What's even worse is when our partner, who's supposed to be our biggest supporter, constantly criticizes you over how little you make. Studies show that bringing this up every day will eventually lead to a breakup. Finances are definitely not worth losing your significant other over.

3. "Trust me on this one..." Memedovski

Yes, it's important to listen to what your friends have to say because they can see things from a different perspective. However, take what they say with a grain of salt. Letting what they have to say dictate how you act in your relationship is ludicrous.

Relationships are so complicated that it's hard for those outside of the relationship to understand what's going on. Your friend and family might think they know best, but ultimately it's your relationship and your choices. It's best to kindly let your friends know that you love them and respect them, but it's your life and yours only.

4. "Just take one little peek at his texts. You'll feel better!"

If you're snooping through your significant other's stuff, cut that out. It shows you don't trust your partner and that there may even be jealousy in the relationship. This will cause a rift in your relationship due to new trust issues arising. It's best to just talk it out with your partner and discuss the issue at hand. It's a lot more mature and it's healthier for the relationship.

5. "You clearly wear the pants in this relationship. Let him try them on for a change."

Both parties should have one leg inside of the pants. It's best to share responsibilities between one another. Obviously one of you may excel at one thing, therefore, you'll show leadership, but as long as the other party is understanding of this everything should be fine. Mutually respecting one another is a key to having a happy and healthy relationship.

6. "Just don't say anything and move on."

If something is bothering you in your relationship, talk it out with your partner as soon as the conflict arises. It's best to step away from the situation for an hour or so and home back together and discuss the problem. Don't hold in your anger or hurt for long periods of time. If you do this all of this penny up resentment will just explode and damage your relationship. That's why it's always best to talk things out.

7. "Marry him! He's rich!"

Yes, I understand how hard it is to make more than enough money these days. It seems you have to work a nine to five job in order to make a decent living for yourself. Though it's hard, dating or even marrying someone solely for their wealth will get you nowhere. It might be great at the beginning, but you'll end up miserable. Likewise, if you're in love with someone but their financial stability crumbles, breaking up is not the best solution. Helping them bounce back on their feet is the optimal solution.

Hopefully, you won't listen to your Aunt Karen's bad relationship advice ever again. It's very important to remember that only you and your significant other can decide what's best for your relationship. Even then, always listen to your own heart.

What's the worst relationship advice you've ever received? Let us know in the comments and show this article to your friends and family so they know what advice to ignore!