Nervous Teen Walks Up To Mic Only To Look Up And Rip Ceiling Off With Stunning Cover Of Whitney Houston Hit

Sep 25, 2020 by apost team

With so many singing competition shows on television today, it can be hard to stand out from the rest of the contestants. However, one young girl managed to sweep the judges of The Voice Kids: Germany off their feet with her amazing performance back in 2017.

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The girl, named Diana Donatella, became a finalist on The Voice Kids: Germany during its fifth season. For the nerve-wracking finale, she decided to pull out all the stops and perform something that would blow the judges away. But what was the right song for the occasion? None other than Whitney Houston’s incredible and moving song I Will Always Love You. This song suits her voice incredibly, and she even used a different Whitney Houston song during the blind first audition for the show. It’s fitting for the young singer, as she credits Whitney — along with Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars — as some of her biggest musical inspirations.

Diana chose Mark Forster as her coach, a singer-songwriter from Germany who has also become a known television personality. Forster is best known for his work as a frontman in the band Balboa around 2006. After the band, he decided to go solo in 2010 where he released an album and went on tour with another German musician, Laith Al-Deen, in 2012. Forster took his career to another level when he joined the musical pairing called Eff where he worked with Felix Jaehn. Since season three of the popular show The Voice Kids: Germany, he has been a known and loved host. With someone so talented and experienced in the music industry as her coach, clearly, Diana would go far in the competition.

Although Diana resides in the United States, she decided to travel to Germany to try out for the show. When it premiered in February of 2017, both judges and the audience were enamored with Diana’s powerful vocal ability. Although seventy children tried out for the show, Diana was one of the nine singers who were hand-picked to compete in the semi-finals. She even made it to the top three, where she performed her Whitney cover in the finale. Diana’s vocal ability will surely help her find success as she chases her dreams in life, and this performance is proof of her sheer talent. 

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